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Born ~ March 1st..
1994: Justin Bieber (Canadian pop/R&B singer).
1989: Sonya Kitchell
(US jazz singer-songwriter)
1989: Daniella Monet
(US actress, singer, dancer)
1987: Ke$ha/Kesha Rose Sebert
(US singer)
1987: Sammie Lee Bush Jr
(US R&B singer, actor)
1983: Elan Sara DeFan
(Mexican singer-songwriter)
1980: Anna Semenovich
(Russian singer, actress, ice dancer)
1979: Éowyn/Rebecca Éowyn Denee Krueger
(American singer-songwriter)
1975: Tate Stevens/
Tater/Stephen Eatinger (US singer, guitarist).
1973: Jack Davenport
(UK actor, singer, producer)
1973: Carlo Resoort
(Dutch DJ, remixer, producer; 4 Strings)
1973: Ryan Peake
(Canadian guitarist; Nickelback).
1971: Thomas Adés (UK composer, pianist, conductor)
1969: Dafydd Ieuan (Welsh drummer; Super Furry Animals/The Peth/ Catatonia).
1969: Javier Bardem (Spanish actor, singer, producer)
1965: Mary Lou Lord (US singer/songwriter)
1964: Clinton Gregory (US country-bluegrass singer, songwriter, fiddler).
1963: Dan Michaels (US record company owner, saxophonist, lyriconist; The Choir/Galaxy21 Music)
1963: Christina Bergmark (Swedish keyboardist; Wannadies).
1963: Thomas Anders (German singer; Modern Talking)
1963: Rob Affuso (US drummer; Skid Row].
1962: Peter Stephenson (Scottish keyboardist; Shamen).
1962: Bill Leen (US bass player; Gin Blossoms)
1960: William Bennett (UK noise musician, guitarist; Essential Logic/Whitehouse)
1958: Nik Kershaw (UK singer, producer, guitar).
1958: Chosei Komatsu (Japanese conductor).
1957: Jon Carroll (US organist, pianoist; Starland Vocal Band).
1955: Jimmy Fortune (US tenor vocalist/guitarist; The Statler Brothers/solo).
1950: "Sir" Waldo Weathers (US saxophonist; James Brown Band).
1948: Judd Lander/Malcolm Anthony McNiven (UK harmonica player; The Hidaways).
1948: Burning Spear/Winston Rodney (Jamaican singer-songwriter).
1947: Alan Thicke/Alan Willis Jeffery (Canadian actor, songwriter, TV host)
1946: Gerry Boulet (French-Canadian singer)*18.July.1990.
1946: Tony Ashton (UK vocalist, keyboardist; Ashton, Gardner & Dyke/P.A.L/many others)*28.
1945: Burning Spear/Winston Rodney OD (Jamaican reggae singer)
1944: Roger Daltrey (UK vocalist, actor; The Who/solo)
1944: Kuo Chin-fa (Taiwanese Hokkien pop singer)*08.Oct.2016.
1944: Mike D'Abo (UK singer, songwriter; Manfred Mann/solo).
1942: Jerry Fisher (US vocals; Blood, Sweat & Tears/Jerry Fisher & the Music Company).
1942: Meic Stevens
aka the Welsh Dylan (Welsh singer-songwriter, guitarist).
1942: Michael Rex ''Mike'' Giles (UK drummer Giles, Giles and Fripp/King Crimson/McDonald and Giles).
: David Ian 'Buster' Meikle (UK vocals, guitar; Buster Meikle & the Day Breakers/Unit 4+2)
1940: Ralph Towner (US 12-string & classical guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, bandleader)
1939: Leo Brouwer (Cuban composer, guitarist)
1937: James "Jimmy" Little (Australian singer)*02.April.
1937: Eugen Doga (Romanian-Moldovan composer, conductor)
1934: James Edward Brown (US Country singer].
1933: Gerry Bron
/Gerald L Bronstein (British record producer, manager)*19.June.2012.
1932: Oliver Sain
(US multi-musician, band leader, studio owner)*28.Oct.2003 .
1930: Benny Powell
(US jazz trombonist;Lionel Hampton/Count Basie/others/sessionist)*26.June.2010.
1929: Eddie Jones
(US jazz double bassist)*31.May.1997.
1928: Willie Mitchell
[US trumpet player; Al Green/Elvis/freelance].
1927: Harry Belafonte (US singer, actor, humanitarian).
1921: Kenny Baker (UK trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, composer; Ted Heath/freelance/own)*07.Dec.1999.
1917: Dinah Shore
(US singer/actress)*24.
1914: Barrett Deems (US drummer; Dukes Of Dixieland/freelance]*15.
1911: Rina Ketty/Rina Pichetto (Italian-French singer)
1911: Kay Finegan/Vivian Blessing (US big band singer;Benny Goodman/Glenn Miller/others)*22.April.2006.
1909: Winston Sharples (US composer)
1904: Glenn Miller (American jazz musician; big band leader)*15.Dec.1944 plane went missing.
1896: Dimitris Mitropoulos (Greek conductor, composer)*02.Nov.1960.
1826: John Thomas (Welsh harpist, composer; harpist to Queen Victoria)*19.March.1913.
1810: Frederic Francois Chopin [composer, pianist]

March 2nd..
1997: Becky G/Rebbeca Marie Gomez (US rapper)
1993: Mariya Yaremchuk (Ukrainian singer)
1990: Lee Hongki
(Korean singer; F.T. Island)
1989: Will Makar
(US singer; American Idol).
1988: James Arthur
(British singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist; XFactor winner 9th series)
1988: Keith Jack (British singer, actor)
1987: Sean Hogan
(US bassist; Home of The Brave)
1985: Luke Pritchard
(UK singer; The Kooks)
1983: Deuce/Tha Producer/Aron Erlichman
(US singer-songwriter, producer; Hollywood Undead)
1980: Vincent Walker
(US singer, trumpet player; Suburban Legends/Rump Shaker)
1978: Claudio Sanchez
(US singer, guitarist; Coheed and Cambria).
1977: Chris Martin
(UK guitar, vocals; Coldplay).
1975: El-P/El Producto/Jaime Meline (US rapper, producer; Company Flow and The Weathermen)
1971: Method Man/Clifford Smith (US rapper, producer, actor; Wu-Tang Clan)
1970: Wibi Soerjadi (Dutch pianist, composer)
1968: Clarence Penn (US jazz drummer; top sessionist)
Dennis Seaton (lead vocals, percussion; Musical Youth).
1965: Martin Gilks (UK drummer, manager; Wonder Stuff)*0
1963: Alvin Youngblood Hart (US guitarist)
1962: Jon Bon Jovi/John Bongiovi (US singer, guitar; Bon Jovi).
Scott La Rock/Scott Sterling (US rapper, DJ; Boogie Down Productions)*27.Aug.1987.
1961: Simone Young (Australian conductor)
1960: Yannick Rieu (French-Canadian tenor/soprano saxophonist and composer)
1959: Larry Stewart (US singer-songwriter, guitarist; Restless Heart)
1958: Grace Kennedy (Jamaican singer, television presenter, businesswoman)
1956: Mark Evans (Australian bassist; AC-DC/Finch/Contraband/Heaven/freelance).
1956: John Cowsill (US singer, keyboardist, drummer; The Cowsills/The Beach Boys/solo/others)
1955: Dale Bozzio/Dale Frances Consalvi (US singer; Missing Persons).
1955: Jay Wesley Osmond (US singer; The Osmonds).
1950: Karen Carpenter (US singer, drummer; The Carpenters)*04.Feb.1983
1949: Alain Chamfort (French singer)
1948: Rory Gallagher (Irish guitar, slide guitar, vocals, harmonica; Taste/solo)*14.June.1995.
1948: Larry Carlton (US guitarist)
1948: Sean Nicholas Greenwood (UK bassist; The Crazy World of Arthur Brown/Khan/solo).
: Nelson Ned/Nelson Ned d'Ávila Pinto (66) (Brazilian singer, composer)*05.Jan.2014.
1945: Derek Watkins (UK jazz, pop, classical lead trumpet player)*22.March.2013.
1944: John ''Boo'' Bullock
(UK bassist; The Teenbeats).
1943: Tony Meehan (UK drummer; Vipers/Drifters/Cliff Richard & The Shadows/sessionist)*28.Nov.2005.
1942: Louis "Lou" Reed (US singer, guitarist; The Primitives/Velvet Underground/solo)
*27.Oct.2003 .
1942: Luc Plamondon (French Canadian lyricist)
1940: Harvey Weston (UK double bassist, bassist; The Zephyrs/Alex Welsh Band/others).
1940: Tony Croatto/Hermes Davide Fastino Croatto Martinis (Italian singer, composer)*03.April.2005.
1938: Don Clark (Canadian trumpet and flugelhorn player).

1938: Deddie Davies/Gillian Davies
(Welsh actress, singer)*021.Dec.2016.

1938: Lawrence Payton (US singer, songwriter; The Four Tops)*20.June.1997.
1934: Dottie Rambo (American singer, songwriter, and musician)*11.May.2008.
: Gil Robbins (US folk singer; Cumberland Three/Belafonte Singers/Highwaymen)*05.April.2011.
: János Sebestyén (Hungarian organist, harpsichordist, pianist)*04.Feb.2012.
1930: John Cullum (US actor, singer).
1923: Orrin Keepnews (US songwriter, producer)*01.March.2015.
1922: Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis (US jazz tenor saxophonist)
1919: Eddie Lawrence/Lawrence Eisler (US monologist, actor, singer, lyricist)*25.March.2014.
: John Gardner (British classical music composer)*12.Dec.2011.
1917: Desi Arnaz/Ricky Ricardo (Cuban singer/musician/actor)*02.
1913: Celedonio Romero (Spanish guitarist, composer, songwriter)*08.May.1996.
1912: Red Saunders (
US jazz drummer, vibraphone, timpani, bandleader)*05.March.1981.
1912: Henry Katzman (US composer, pianist)
1905: Marc Blitzstein (US composer)
1902: Jimmy "Kid" Clayton (US trumpeter; Oscar Celestin Band/Kid Clayton's Happy Pals
1897: Minor Hall/Ram Hall (US jazz musician)

March 3rd
1997: Camila Cabello
(Cuban-American singer; Fifth Harmony)
1994: Umika Kawashima
(Japanese singer, actress; 9nine)
1991: Park Cho-rong
(South Korean singer; A Pink)
1986: Stacie Orrico
(US Contemporary Christian and R&B singer-songwriter)
1982: Jessica Biel
(American actress, singer)
1981: Eugene/Kim Yoo-Jin
(South Korean singer, actress)
1981: Sung Yu Ri
(South Korean singer, actress; Fin.K.L)
1981: Lil' Flip/Wesley Eric Weston Jr
(US rapper)
1978: Seo Moon-tak
(Korean singer)
1977: Ronan Keating
(Irish singer; Boyzone/solo).
1975: Albert Fields (US singer; New Mickey Mouse Club/The Party/solo).
1973: Matthew Marsden (UK actor, singer)
: Yasmine/Hilde Rens (Belgian singer)*25.June.2009.
1971: Christian Eigner (Austrian drummer, songwriter; Depeche Mode)
1969: John "JB" Bigham (US vocals, guitar, slide guitar, keyboards; Fishbone).
1968: Scott Radinsky (US lead singer, major league relief pitcher; Pulley, Ten Foot Pole)
1967: Shankar Mahadevan (Indian singer, music composer).
1966: Vander Lee (Brazilian singer-songwriter)*05.Aug.2016.
1966: Heidi Swedberg (US actress, musician)
1966: Timo Tolkki (Finnish guitarist, songwriter; Stratovarius)
1966: Tone-Loc/Antony Smith (US hip hop artist, actor).
1964: Duncan Phillips (Australian drummer; Newsboys)
1958: Miranda Richardson
(UK actress, singer)
1957: Michael "Mike" Smith (US jazz saxophonist).
1955: Chris Hughes (UK drummer, record producer; Adam & the Ants).
1954: John Lilley (US singer-songwriter, guitarist; The Hooters)
1953: Ricky Helton Wilson (US original guitarist with the B-52's)*12.Oct.1985.
1953: Robyn Hitchcock (UK vocals, guitar, bass; Soft Boys/solo/freelance).
1951: Lindsay Cooper (UK bassoonist,oboe,composer; Henry Cow/others)*18.Sept.2013... not to be confused with Scottish double-bass/cello player Lindsay L. Cooper born January 18th 1940, died June 19th 2001.
1951: Johnny Jackson (US drummer; The Jackson 5)*01.March.2006.
1950: Re Styles/Shirley Marie MacLeod (US vocals, guitar; Tubes)
1949: Richie Cannata (US music producer, multi-instrumentalist, studio owner; Billy Joel/many others)
1948: Snowy White/Terence White (UK guitarist; Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd)
1948: Jackie Minto/Donat Roy Mittoo (Jamaican organist; Skatalities/others)*16.Dec.1990.
1947: Derek "Blue" Weaver (keyboards; Mott the Hoople/Amen Corner/ Strawbs).
1947: Jennifer Warnes [US singer, keyboards].
1947: David Mount (UK drummer; Mud/Les Gray's Mud)*02.Dec.2006.
1946: Malcolm Luker (Indian born guitarist, organist, sitar; Tony Adams-Viceroys/Shots/The Smoke/others).
1944: Lee Holdridge (Haitian-American composer)
1944: Jance Garfat (US bass, Dr. Hook)*06.Nov.2006.
1943: Chris Stainton (UK keyboardist, bassist; Johnny Tempest/Joe Cocker/Eric Clapton/Freelance).
1942: Mike Pender/Michael John Prendergast
[vocals, guitar; The Searchers].
1941: Gilbert Kaplan (US Wall Street millionaire, amateur conductor)*01.Jan.2016.
1934: Jimmy Garrison
(US jazz double bassist)
*07.April. 1976.
1933: Paul Clayton
(folk singer, dulcimer; solo/freelance)*30
1933: Marco Antonio Muñiz (Mexican singer; Los Tres Aces).
1928: Pierre Michelot
(French bassist; Play Bach Trio)*03.July.2005.
1926: Lys Assia/Rosa Mina Schärer (Swiss singer)
1925: Herbert Hardesty (US jazz saxophonist, trumpeter; Fats Domino/others)*03.Dec.2016.
1923: Arthel 'Doc' Watson (US guitar,
singer-songwriter; bluegrass,folk,country,blues,gospel)*29.May.2012.
1920: Hubert Giraud (French multi-instrumentalist, songwriter; Django Reinhardt/others)*16.Jan.2016.
1922: Kazimierz Serocki (
Polish composer)*09.Jan.1981.
1913: Margaret Bonds (US pianist, composer)*26.April.1972.
1891: Federico Moreno Torroba (Spanish composer)

March 4th..
1993: Bobbi Kristina Brown (American singer)
1988: Cody Longo
(US actor, singer)
1986: K. Michelle/Kimberly Michelle Pate
(US singer-songwriter, pianist)
1984: Phillip Inzerillo
(US trombone player; Suburban Legends)
1984: Raven Quinn
(US singer-songwriter)
1983: Adam Deacon
(English actor, director, rapper)
1982: Yasemin Mori
(Turkish singer)
1981: Donny Tourette
(UK punk rock singer; Towers of London)
1981: Laura Michelle Kelly
(UK actress, singer)
1981: Carol Banawa
(Filipino singer, celebrity)

1979: Jon Fratelli/John Lawler
(Scottish singer-songwriter, guitarist; The Fratellis/Codeine Velvet Club)
1977: Jason Marsalis
(US jazz drummer)
1977: Laura Jansen
(Dutch-American singer-songwriter, pianist)
1977: Mike Kinsella
(US singer, guitarist; Joan of Arc/Cap'n Jazz/American Football/others)
1977: Jeremiah Green
(US indie rock band drummer; Modest Mouse)
1977: Rockell/Rachel Alexandra Mercaldo
(US singer-songwriter)
1976: Sabrina Sabrok/Lorena Fabiana Colotta
(Argentine television host, singer, producer)
1976: Regi Penxten
(Belgian DJ, record producer)
1976: Stza Crack/Scott Sturgeon
(US singer; Choking Victim, Leftöver Crack)
1976: Jasin Thomason
(US guitarist; The Ataris)
1976: Hayley Evetts
(UK singer, TV presenter, stage actor)
1975: Hawksley Workman/Ryan Corrigan
(Canadian rock singer-songwriter)
1975: El-P/El-Producto/Jaime Meline
(US hip hop artist, entrepreneur)
1974: Gabriel o Pensador
(Brazilian hip hop rapper)
1974: ICS Vortex/Vortex/Simen Hestnæs
(Norwegian vocalist; Arcturus)
1973: Linus of Hollywood/Kevin Dotson
(US singer-songwriter, producer; Jarinus/Size 14/Nerf Herder)
1972: Buck 65/Richard Terfry
(Canadian hip hop artist, MC, turntablist)
1972: Giorgos Mazonakis
(Greek pop singer)
1972: Ivy Queen/Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodríguez
(US composer, singer)
1972: Alison Wheeler
(UK singer; The Beautiful South)
1972: Nocturno Culto/Ted Skjellum
(Norwegian singer-songwriter, guitarist; Darkthrone/Satyricon)
1971: Jason Sellers
(US country music artist)
1971: Anders Kjølholm
(Danish bass player; Volbeat)
1971: Fergal Lawler
(Irish drummer, percussion; The Cranberries).
1969: Stina Nordenstam (Swedish pop singer-songwriter, musician).
1969: Annie Yi (Chinese singer, writer, actress)
1968: Jorge Celedón (Colombian musician and singer
1967: Evan Dando (US guitarist; The Lemonheads).
1966: Grand Puba/Maxwell Dixon (US rapper)
1966: Patrick Hannan (UK drummer; The Sundays).
1965: Richard March (UK bassist; Pop Will Eat Itself)
1965: WestBam/Maximillian Lenz (German rave techno DJ)
1964: Paul Bostaph (US drummer; Testament, Slayer, Exodus, Forbidden)
1964: Karen Knowles (Australian singer, entertainer)
1963: Jason Newsted (US bassist; Metallica/Voivod)
1963: Janey Lee Grace (UK singer, disc jockey)
Jon Durno (UK bassist; Roman Holliday).
1961: Theodosii Spassov (Bulgarian jazz kaval player).
1960: Mikko Kuustonen (Finnish singer, songwriter)
1960: Thierry Pastor (French singer)
1956: Kermit Driscoll (US jazz bassist)
1955: Rowland Charles Gould (UK guitarist; Level 42)
1955: Boon Gould/Rowland Charles Gould (US guitarist, multi-musician; Level 42/solo).
1954: Ricky Ford (American jazz tenor saxophonist).
1954: St Clair L. Palmer (St. Kitts born singer; Sweet Sensation).
1954: Boris Moiseev (Russian actor, singer, dancer)
1953: Emilio Estefan (Cuban singer; Miami Sound Machine/solo).
1953: Rose Laurens/Rose Podwojny (French singer-songwriter)
1952: Umberto Tozzi (Italian singer)
1952: Serge Fiori (Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist; Harmonium)
1952: Ronn Moss (US singer-songwriter, actor; Player)
1951: Cecilia Todd (Venezuelan singer, performer)
1951: Linda Yamamoto (Japanese singer)
1951: Pete John Haycock (UK guitarist, film score composer; Climax Chicago Blues Band)*30.Oct.2013.
1951: Chris Rea (UK singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboards).
1950: Billy Gibbons (guitar; ZZ Top).
1949: Carroll Baker (Canadian country singer-songwriter)
1948: Chris Squire (UK bassist; Yes].
1948: Shakin' Stevens/Michael Barrett (Welsh pop singer].
Jan Garbarek (Norwegian tenor and soprano jazz saxophonist].
1947: Aura Lewis/Aurelia Msimang (South African jazz-reggae singer)
1947: Bob Lewis (US singer; Devo)
1947: Peteris Plakidis (Latvian composer, pianist)
1947: Jan Garbarek (Norwegian jazz-classical tenor-soprano saxophonist)
1946: Red Stripe/David Gittins (UK singer; The Flying Pickets/Brian and Stripe).
1945: Dieter Meier (Swiss singer)
1944: Mick/Michael Wilson (UK drummer; Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich).
Robert Dwayne "Bobby" Womack (US soul singer, guitarist, producer)*27.June.2014.
1944: Ulrich Roski (German singer-songwriter)*20.Feb.2003.
1943: Lucio Dalla (Italian singer, songwriter, clarinetist, keyboards)*01.March.2012.
1943: Zoltan Jeney (Hungarian composer)
1942: Bob Wootton (US guitarist; Johnny Cash/Bob Dylan)
1942: Zorán Sztevanovity (Serbian born Hungarian musician, singer, composer)
1942: Gloria Gaither (US gospel songwriter)
1942: David Matthews (US keyboardist, pianist, arranger).
1942: Ralph Ellis (UK guitar, keyboard, Swinging Blue Jeans)

1941: Bobby Shew (US jazz trumpet, flugelhorn player)
1940: Gary 'Chicken' Hirsh (US drummer; founder Country Joe and the Fish, etc).
: Angus MacLise (US percussionist, composer, occultist; Velvet Underground/solo)*21.June.1979.
1937: Barney Wilen (French jazz saxophonist)*..1996
1936: Aribert Reimann (German composer)
1936: Eric Allandale Dubussion (West Indian trombonist; The Foundations/others/own band)*23.Aug.2001.
1935: Nancy Whiskey/Anne Alexandra Young Wilson (Scottish folk singer)
1934: Mario Davidovsky (Argentinian composer)
Barbara McNair (African-American singer and actress)*04.Feb.2007.
1934: John Duffey (US bluegrass musician)
1933: Ann Burton/Johanna Rafalowicz (Dutch jazz singer)
1932: Sigurd Jansen (Norwegian composer, pianist, conductor)
1932: Miriam Makeba/Mama Afrika (South African singer, civil rights activist)*10.Nov.2008.
1929: Bernard Haitink (Dutch conductor)
1929: Josep Mestres Quadreny (Catalan composer)
1928: Samuel Adler (US composer)
1927: Cy TouffCyril/ James Touff (US jazz bass trumpeter)*24.Jan.2003.
1926: Don Rendell (UK jazz tenorsaxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet, arranger
1926: Fran Warren/Frances Wolfe (US singer)*04.March.2013.
1925: Paul Mauriat (French conductor, arranger)*
1925: Inezita Barroso (Brazilian sertanejo singer)*08.March.2015.
1923: Willie Johnson (US pioneering power-blues guitarist)
1921: Halim El-Dabh (Egyptian-born composer)
1921: Kaljo Raid (Estonian composer, cellist and clergyman)*21.Jan.2005.
: Cecil Aronowitz (British viola player)*07.Sept.1978.
Carlos Surinach (Catalan Spanish-born composer, conductor)*12.Nov.1997.
1913: Marie-Louise-Taos Amrouche (Algerian writer, singer)*02.April.
1912: Ferdinand Leitner (German conductor)*03.June.1996.
1908: Thomas Shaw (US blues guitarist, singer)*24.Feb.1977.
1904: Joseph Schmidt (Austrian-Hungarian tenor and actor)
1878: Egbert Van Alstyne (US songwriter, pianist)
1678: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (
Italian Baroque composer, priest, and virtuoso violinist)*28 July 1741.

March 5th..
1999: Madison Beer
(US singer, actress)
1993: Joshua Coyne
(US violinist, composer)
1993: Alexa Dectis
(US singer, actress)
1991: Daniil Trifonov
(Russian pianist)
1978: Papoose/Shamele Mackie
(American rapper)
1976: Chiwoniso Maraire
(Zimbabwean Mbira singer)*24.July.2013.
1972: Luca Turilli
(Italian guitarist, composer; Rhapsody of Fire).
1970: John Frusciante
(US guitarist; Red Hot Chili Peppers).
1970: Rome/Jerome Woods (US R&B singer).
1969: MC Solaar/Claude M'Barali (French rap and hip-hop artist)
1964: Bertrand Cantat (French singer and murderer)
1962: Craig Reid (Scottish singer songwriter; Proclaimers).
1962: Charlie Reid (Scottish singer songwriter; Proclaimers).

1960: David Tibet/David Michael Bunting (UK singer; Current 93)
1960: Rico McFarland (US blues guitarist; James Cotton/Lucky Peterson/freelance/solo).
1958: Andy Gibb (UK-Australian singer; youngest brother the Bee Gees)*10.
1957: Mark E Smith (UK singer, lyricist; The Fall).
1956: Teena Marie/Mary Christine Brockert (US singer)*26.Dec.2010.
1954: Steve Prestwich
(Australian drummer; Cold Chisel)*16.Jan.2011.
1954: Jack Stamp (US conductor/composer).
1952: Alan Clark (UK keyboardist; Dire Straits/freelance).
1950: Eugene Fodor Jr (
American violinist)*26.Feb.2011.
1948: Ahmad Rafiq (Indonesian singer, actor)*19.Jan.2013.
1948: Elaine Paige OBE/Elaine Jill Bickerstaff (English singer and actress).
1948: Eddy Grant (Guyana-born singer, guitar, synthesizer reggae/r&b/soul singer; The Equals/solo).
1948: Richard Sidney Hickox CBE (English conductor; choral, orchestral, operatic)*23.Nov.
1947: Thomas George "Tom" Russell (US singer-songwriter, guitarist).
1947: Eddie Hodges
(US actor, singer)
1947: Clodagh Rodgers (Irish singer
1947: Kevin Patrick Westlake (Irish drummer; Blossom Toes/sessionist/solo)*30.Sept.2004.
1946: Murray Head (UK actor, singer)
1946: Lova Moor/Marie-Claude Jourdain (French singer and dancer)
1946: Richard Bell (Canadian keyboardist, pianist; Full Tilt Boogie Band/The Band/sessionist)*15.June.2007.
1944: Derek Skinner (UK drummer; The Spotnicks)
1943: Lucio Battisti
(Italian singer)
1940: Dave Green (UK jazz double bassist; The Zodiacs/Don Rendell).
1939: Johnny Jenkins (US blues guitarist; the Pinetoppers/solo)*26.June.2006.
1938: Paul Evans (US singer, songwriter)
1933: Tommy Tucker/Robert Higginbotham (US blues singer, pianist)*22.Jan.1982.
: Bana/Adriano Gonçalves (Cape Verdean balladeer)*13.July.2013.
1931: Barry Tuckwell (Australian horn player)
1931: Anthony Hedges (English composer)
: J. B. Lenoir/JB Lenoir (US blues guitarist, singer-songwriter)*29.April.1967.
1914: Philip Farkas (US horn player, teacher)
1913: Gangubai Hangal (Indian singer)
1887: Heitor Villa-Lobos (Brazilian guitarist, composer)

March 6th.
1992: Sarah De Bono
(Australian singer-songwriter, pianist).

1992: Momoko Tsugunaga
(Japanese singer).
1991: Tyler, The Creator/Tyler Gregory Okonma (US rapper, producer; Odd Future)
1991: Lex Luger/Lexus Arnel Lewis
(US record producer)
1988: Agnes Carlsson
(Swedish singer)
1986: Traphik/Timothy DeLaGhetto/Tim Chantarangsu
(US rapper, actor)
1984: Chris Tomson
(US drummer; Vampire Weekend)
1984: Becky
(Japanese-English singer, actress)
1980: Ross Mawhinney
(British born Italian radio DJ).
1977: Bubba Sparxxx/Warren Anderson Mathis
(US hip-hop artist, country rap).
1977: Edna Stern
(Belgian-Israeli pianist, educator)
1975: Aracely Arambula Jacques
(Mexican actress and singer)
1975: Yannick Nézet-Séguin
(French Canadian conductor, pianist).
: Miika Tenkula (Finnish lead guitarist, vocalist, songwriter; Sentenced)*19.Feb.2009.
1974: Guy Garvey
(UK singer-songwriter, guitarist; Elbow)
1974: Beanie Sigel/Dwight Grant
(US rapper; State Property)
1973: Trent Willmon (US singer-songwriter, guitarist)
1973: Peter Lindgren
(Swedish guitarist; ex-Opeth).
1972: Jaret Reddick
(US lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Bowling For Soup)
1970: Chris Broderick
(US lead guitarist; Megadeth)
1970: Betty Boo/Alison Moira Clarkson
(UK singer, rap artist).
1968: Michael James Romeo (US guitar; Symphony-X)
1967: Connie Britton (US actress, singer, producer)
1967: Shuler Hensley (US actor, singer)
1964: Paul Bostaph (US drummer; Forbidden, Slayer, Testament, Systematic)
Madonna Wayne Gacy/Stephen Gregory Bier Jr (US keyboardist, Marilyn Manson).
1964: Skip Ewing/Donald Ewing (US country music singer, songwriter)
1954: Joey DeMaio (US bass player, songwriter; Manowar)
1953: Phil Alvin (US singer-songwriter, guitarist; The Blasters)
1948: Stephen Schwartz (US composer, songwriter)
1947: Kiki Dee (UK singer).
1947: Malcolm ''Mitch'' Mitchell (UK bassist; The Wild Angles).
1947: Sally Patricia Oldfield (Irish born UK pop & folk singer; Sallyangie/Mike Oldfield).
1947: Don Smith (Austria born UK lead guitarist; Tintern Abbey)
1946: Tommy Cowan (
Jamaican producer, singer; The Merricoles/The Jamaicans)
1946: David Gilmour CBE (UK guitarist, singer, songwriter; Pink Floyd].
1945: Hugh Grundy (US drummer; The Zombies/A&R man for Columbia Records).
1944: Mary Wilson [US singer; The Supremes/solo].
1944: Kiri Te Kanawa [New Zealand singer].
1944: Michael ''Mickey'' Jupp (UK pianist, vocalist; Black Diamonds/Orioles/Mickey Jupp Band/others).
1942: Flora Purim (Brazilian singer; Return to Forever)
1941: Peter Brötzmann (German saxophonist; Last Exit)
Bennett Keith Schaeufele (US steel guitarist, multi-musician; Neil Young/sessions/solo)*26.July.2010.
1936: Elmira Zherzdeva (Soviet singer, voice actress)
1936: Sylvia Robinson (US singer, record producer; Mickey & Sylvia/Sugar Hill Records)*29.Sept.2011.
1934: Joseph "Red" Simpson (US country singer-songwriter; trucking songs)*08.Jan.2016.
1930: Lorin Maazel (French-born American conductor, violinist, composer.)
1927: Norman Treigle/Adanelle Wilfred Treigle (US bass-baritone)
1923: Wes Montgomery (US jazz guitarist)
: Julius Rudel (Austrian-born American maestro, director, conductor)*26.June.2014.
1914: Kiril Kondrashin (Russian conductor)
: Bob Wills (American Western swing musician, songwriter, bandleader)*13.May.1975.
1893: Walter 'Furry' Lewis [US blues guitarist, first to play with a bottleneck]*14.Sept.1981.
1871: Ben Harney
(US composer, ragtime pianist)
1870: Oscar Straus (Viennese operetta composer)*11.Jan.1954.

March 7th.
1990: Choi Jong Hun (South Korean guitarist; F.T. Island)
1985: Thomas Erak
[US guitarist, singer; Mukilteo].
1981: Rica Peralejo (Filipino actress, singer)
1980: Anthony Ocana
[Dominican composer & guitarist].
1979: Amanda Somerville
(US singer, vocal coach
; Aina)
1977: Paul Cattermole
[UK vocals; S Club 7].

1977: Kiddie Kearns/Martin Kearns (British drummer; Bolt Thrower)*14.Sept.2015.
1974: Hugo Ferreira
(Angolan-American singer-songwriter; Tantric)

1974: Larry Bagby 111 (US film, television actor, singer/songwriter)
1974: Krizz Kaliko/Samuel William Christopher Watson (US rapper)
1973: Sébastien Izambard (French operatic pop singer; Il Divo)
1972: Jang Dong-gun (South Korean actor, musician)
1969: Shin Ae Ra (Korean actress, radio DJ)
1969: Warrel Dane (US singer; Nevermore)

1967: Ruthie Henshall (UK theatre actress, singer)
1967: Jean-Pierre Barda (Swedish singer; Army of Lovers)
1967: Randy Guss (US drummer; Toad The Wet Sprocket).
1966: Paul Davis (UK keyboards; Happy Mondays].
1966: Atsushi Sakurai (Japanese singer-songwriter; Buck-Tick and Schwein)
1965: Jean-Pierre Barda (French-Swedish singer, actor; Army of Lovers)
1963: Denyce Graves (US classical, opera singer].
1962: Taylor Dayne
/Leslie Wunderman (US pop vocalist, song-writer, dance artist)
1960: Chris Rodriguez (US Contemporary Christian multi-musician, singer-songwriter).
1959: Donna Murphy (US actress, singer).

1954: Matt Frenette (Canadian drummer, percussionist; Loverboy)
1954: Robbie Hoddinott (US guitarist; Kingfish)*06.March.2017.
1953: Kenny Aronoff (US drummer; John Couger Mellencamp/others)

1953: Bruce Geduldig (US experimental synth musician, film produce)*07.March.2016.

1952: Liz Meyer (US award winning bluegrass singer-songwriter)
1952: Ernie Isley [US guitarist, drummer, vocals; The Isley Brothers].
1951: Francis Rocco Prestia (US bassist; Tower of Power)
1950: Ants Taul (Estonian torupill player and maker)
1950: Iris Chacon [Puerto Rican singer, dancer].
1946: Peter Wolf [US vocalist; The J Geils Band/Lights Out/Freeze-Frame]
1946: Matthew Fisher (UK keyboards, piano, organ; Procol Harum).
1945: Vaughn Harper (US radio DJ)*09.July.2016.
1945: Arthur Lee (US guitar/vocals; The American Four, Love]*03.Aug.2006.
1944: Townes Van Zandt (US country-folk music singer-songwriter, performer, poet)*01.Jan.1997.
1943: Chris White [UK bassist, songwriter; The Zombies/Argent].
1942: Dave Holdsworth (UK jazz trumpet, trombonist, tuba, composer, arranger; many bands).
1942: Hamilton Bohannon (US percussionist, band leader, record producer; Stevie Wonder/own band).
1940: Tony Conrad (US avant-garde musician, composer, video artist, professor)*09.April.2016.
1939: Danyel Gérard (French singer-songwriter)
1937: Balint Vazsonyi (
Hungarian pianist, global recitalist)*17.Jan.2003.
1934: Giorgos Katsaros (Greek alto saxophonist, composer)
1931: Christopher "Stubb" Stubblefield (US music promoter, barbecue restaurateur)*27.May.1995.
1927: Philippe Clay/Philippe Mathevet (French mime artist, singer, actor)*13.Dec.2007.
1922: Paddy Clancy (Irish folk singer; The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem)*11.Nov.1998.
1917: Lee Young (US jazz drummer; Nat King Cole Trio/Lee Young Band/freelance).
: Mohammed Abdel Wahab (Egyptian singer, musician and composer)*03.May.1991.
1887: Heino Eller (Estonian composer, composition teacher)
1875: Maurice Ravel [French pianist, composer]*
: Victor Massé (French composer)*05.July.1884.

March 8th.
1997 – Jurina Matsui, Japanese singer and actress (AKB48 and SKE48)
1991 – Devon Werkheiser, American actor and singer
1990: Kristinia DeBarge
(US R&B singer)

1988: Elly Jackson
(UK singer; La Roux)
1985: Ewa Sonnet (Polish model, pop singer)
1984: Dave Moffatt
(Canadian keyboardist, singer; The Moffatts).
1981: Timothy Jordan II
(US keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter; All American Rejects/Jonezetta)
1980: Charli Robinson/Charli Delaney/Sharlene Marie Zeta Robinson
(Australian singer; Hi-5)
1979: Andy Ross (US guitarist; OK Go)
1979: Tom Chaplin
(UK vocalist, pianist; Keane).
Jasmine You/Kageyama Yuuichi (Japanese bassist; Versailles)*09.Aug.2009.
1978: Kameelah 'Meelah' Williams [US singer, hip-hop; 702].
1976: Gareth "Gaz" Coombes [UK vocalist, guitarist; Supergrass].
1975: Peggy Zina (Greek singer)
1973: Anneke van Giersbergen (Dutch singer; The Gathering)
1972: Angie Hart (Australian pop singer; Frente! / Splendid)
1968: Chris Burdett (US drummer; Anastasia Screamed).
1968: Rob Dukes (American singer-songwriter; Exodus)
1968: Shawn Mullins [UK singer, guitar].
1964: Peter "Pedro" Gill [UK drummer; Frankie Goes To Hollywood].
1964: Salt/Cheryl James [US singer; Salt-N-Pepa].
1962: Steve Grantley [UK drummer; Stiff Little Fingers/Alarm/the Big Wheel/Freelance].
1961: Michael Ausserbauer (German saxophonist, composer, arranger, writer).
1960: Richard Darbyshire [UK singer, songwriter; Living In A Box/solo].
1958: Gary Numan [UK singer, keyboards, synthesizer; Tubeway Army/solo].
1957: Billy Childs (US composer, pianist)
1957: Clive Burr [UK drummer; Iron Maiden/others]*12.March.2013.
1954: Bob Brozman (US guitarist, ethnomusicologist)
1954: Cheryl Baker/Rita Crudgington [UK singer, TV presenter; Co-Co/Bucks Fizz/musicals]
1953: Bob Brozman (US guitarist, ethnomusicologist).
1949: Antonello Venditti (Italian singer-songwriter)
1949: Dave Lambert [UK guitarist, vocalist; The Strawbs].

Alan "Gaz" Gaskell (UK saxophonist; Gaz & the Groovers/Nevil Cameron/Supercharge/Juke)

1948: Little Peggy March/Margaret Battavio [US singer].

1948: Mel Galley (UK guitarist; Whitesnake/Trapeze/Finders Keepers/freelance)*01.July.2008.
1947: Michael Allsup [US guitar; Three Dog Knight].
1947: Vladimír Mišík (Czech singer-songwriter, guitarist; The Matadors/Blue Effect/Flamengo/others)
1947: Carole Bayer Sager [US singer, songwriter; solo/musicals/films].
1947: Philip ''Phil'' Sawyer (UK guitarist, vocalist; Cheynes/Shotgun Express/Spencer Davis Group).
1946: Randy Meisner [US singer, bassist; Poco, Eagles].
1946: Steve Rye (UK harmonica-player; The Groundhogs/others)*19.July.1992.*some sources 14.July.1992*
1945: Mickey Dolenz [US actor, drums, television & Theatre director; The Monkees].
1945: Bruce Broughton (American composer)
1944: Sergey Nikitin (Russian composer)
1944: Palito Ortega (Argentine singer, actor)
1944: Pepe Romero (Spanish guitarist)
1944: Keef Hartley [UK drummer; The Artwoods/John Mayall's Bluesbreakers/Keef Hartley Band].
1943: Shel Macrae/Andrew Semple [Scottish guitarist, vocals; The Fortunes]
1942: Ralph Ellis [UK guitarist, banjo; Swinging Blue Jeans].
1942: Palito Ortega (Argentinian singer, actor, politician)
1940: Neil Foster (UK tenor saxophonist; John Day+Delacadoes/John Day+Nighthawks).
1939: Robert Tear (Welsh operatic tenor)*29.March.2011.
: Richard Farina (US folk singer, author)*30.April.1966.
1937: Raynoma Liles (co-founder of Motown with husband Berry Gordy).
George Edward Coleman (US hard bop saxophonist, bandleader, and composer).
1936: Gábor Szabó (Hungarian guitarist)
1936: Sue Ane Langdon (American actress, singer)
1933: Luca Ronconi (Italian theater, opera director)
1931: Lloyd Knibb (
Jamaican drummer; The Skatalites/others)*12 May 2011.
Manohari Singh (Indian saxophonist, composer; Bollywood films)*13.July.2010.
1927: Dick Hyman (US pianist, music director for Arthur Godfrey).

1921: Sahir Ludhianvi (Indian poet and songwriter)*25.Oct.1980.
1911: Alan Hovhaness (US composer)*21.June.2000
1892: "Mississippi" John Smith Hurt (US blues singer and guitarist)*02.Nov.1966.(dates from his gravestone)

March 9th.
1991: Domo Genesis/Dominique Marquis Cole (American rapper, keyboardist)
1989: Taeyeon/Kim Tae-yeon
(Korean singer; Girls' Generation)
1987: Bow Wow/Shad Gregory Moss
(US rap artist).
1983: Maite Perroni Beorlegui (Mexican singer; RBD)
1980: Chingy/Howard Bailey (US rapper).

MickDeth/Mick Richard Morris (US bassist; Eighteen Visions/Clear/Die Die My Darling)*June 2nd 2013.
1974: Jimmy O/Jean Jimmy Alexandre (Haitian hip hop artist)*12.Jan.2010.
1971: C-Murder/Corey Miller (US rapper; TRU/solo)
1971: Diego Torres (Argentine singer
, composer)
1970: Shannon Leto (US drummer, actor; 30 Seconds to Mars)
1969: Stefie Shock (Quebec singer and songwriter)
1969: Rob Dukes (US singer, guitarist; Exodus/
1968: Johnny Kelly (US drummer; Type O Negative)
Andrew Barker [UK keyboardist; 808 State].
1968: Robert Sledge [US bassist, upright bass; Ben Folds Five/International Orange]
1966: Brendan Canty (US drummer; Fugazi)
1964: Valérie Lemercier (French actress, singer, director)
1962: Pete Wishart (Scottish singer, politician; Big Country, Runrig)
1958: Martin Fry [UK vocalist; ABC/solo].
1957: Mark Mancina (US composer)
1957: Thomas Chapin (US composer, saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist)
1956: Sergei Larin
(Lithuanian tenor)*13.Jan.2008.
1956: Paul Demers (Canadian singer-songwriter)*29.Oct.2015.
1953: James "Jimmy" Iovine (American entrepreneur, record/film producer; many)
1951: Frank Rodriguez (US organist/keyboard; ? & The Mysterians)
1949: Tapani Kansa (Finnish singer)
1948: Jimmie Fadden (US singer, harmonica, guitar; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
1948: Fumio Karashima (Japanese pianist; George Ohtsuka Band/Elvin Jones' Jazz Machine)*24.Feb.2017
1948: Jeffrey Osborne [US singer; Love Men Ltd/solo].
1947: Chris Thompson (UK singer, guitarist; Manfred Mann's Earth Band/solo/many sessions)
1946: Jim Cregan [UK guitarist, bassist, Family, Cockney Rebel/Rod Stewart/freelance]
1945: Robin Trower [UK lead guitar; Procol Harum, solo].

1945: Robert Newton Calvert (African born-UK singer, poet; Hawkwind/others)*14.Aug.1988.

1944: Trevor Burton/Trevor Ireson [UK bassist; The Move/Journeyman/Dexy's Midnight Runners/own band].
1944: Peter Winsnes (Swedish organist, vocalist; The Spotnicks)
1944: Graham Hamilton Lyle
(Scottish singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer; Eric Clapton/others)

1942: Mark Linday [US rhythm guitarist; Paul Revere & Raiders].
1942: Gary Walker/Gary Leeds (US drummer, vocalist; Standells/Walker Brothers/Rain/others)
1940: John Cale (Welsh multi-musician; Theatre of Eternal Music/Velvet Underground).
1938: Lill-Babs/Barbro Margareta Svensson (Swedish singer).
1936: Mickey Gilley (US pianist, country singer].
: W. Francis McBeth (US co
mposer )*06.Jan.2012.
1933: Lloyd Price
[US singer/songwriter].
1932: Keely Smith [US Jazz singer].
1931: Thore Skogman (Swedish actor, singer)
1930: Ornette Coleman (US saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter, composer)
: Fritz Rau (German music promoter)*19.Aug.2013.
1928: Franz Crass (German bass singer)*23.June.2012.
1925: Gil Askey (US jazz trumpeter, composer, producer, musical director; Motown/others)*09.April.2014.
1923: Nicola Zaccaria/Giulio Mauri/Nicholas Angelos Zachariou (Greek opera singer)*24.July.2007.
1920: William "Lefty" Bates
Chicago blues guitarist; Lefty Bates Combo/many sessions)*07.April.2007.
1910: Samuel Barber
(US composer)
1856: Eddie Foy Sr/Edwin Fitzgerald (US
vaudevillian, actor, comedian, dancer)*16.Feb.1928.
1839: Phoebe Knapp (US hymn writer)

March 10th.
1992: Emily Osment (US actress, singer)
1987: Emeli Sandé
(English-Scottish singer-songwriter)
Sita Chan (Hong Kong pop singer)*17.April.2013.
1985: Casey Dienel
(US singer-songwriter)
1978: Camille/Camille Dalmais
(French singer-songwriter)
1983: Carrie Underwood
(US country singer)
1983: Che'Nelle/Cheryline Lim
(Malaysian Australian singer)
1978: Ben Burnley
(US lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, main-songwriter; Breaking Benjamin)
1977: Robin Thicke (US singer)
1977: Colin Murray/Colin Wright
(Irish radio DJ, sports & music presenter; BBC radio/Channel Five TV)
1977: Rita Simons
(UK actress, singer)
1976: Kisaki
(Japanese bassist, composer, producer)
1976: Haifa Wehbe
(Lebanese actress, model, singer)
1975: Jerry Horton (US guitarist; Papa Roach)
1973: Dan Swanö
(Swedish guitarist, vocals, multi-musician; Edge of Sanity/Nightingale/others)
1973: John LeCompt
(US guitarist; Evanescence/We Are the Fallen/Machina).
1972: Takashi Fujii
(Japanese comedian, singer)
1971: Timbaland/Timothy Z. Mosley
(US rap artist).
1971: Daryle Singletary (US singer-songwriter, guitarist)
1970: Matt Barlow
(US singer; Iced Earth)
1970: Michel van der Aa
(Dutch composer)
1969: Walter Schreifels
(US singer-songwriter and producer; Gorilla Biscuits/Rival Schools/Youth of Today)
1967: Susie Q/Susan Banfield
[UK rap artist; Cookie Crew].
1966: Gráinne Mulvey (Irish composer)
1966: Edie Brickell [US singer].
1966: Phil X/Philip Xenidis (Canadian session and touring guitarist)
1964: Neneh Cherry [Swedish singer-songwriter].
1964: Patrick "Pat" Kane [Scottish singer, arts journalist;Hue & Cry].
1963: Jeff Ament [US bassist, Pearl Jam/Mother Love Bone].
1963: Rick Rubin (US record producer)
1962: Jasmine Guy (US actress, singer, director)
1962: Gary Clark [Scottish guitarist, vocals, songwriter].
1962: Seiko Matsuda (Japanese pop singer)
1960: Gail Greenwood (US guitarist, hornist, bassist; Belly/L7/Boneyard)
Uwe/Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen (German keyboardist, songwriter; Nena)
1959: Roger Bennett (
US gospel pianist, singer, songwriter; Legacy Five/The Cathedrals)*17.March.2007.
1958: Jeanie Bryson (American singer)
1957: Jim White (US folk singer-songwriter)
1955: Gary Louris (US singer-songwriter, guitarist; The Jayhawks and Golden Smog)
1955: Youssra/Civene Nassim (Egyptian actress, singer)
1954: Tina Charles/
Tina Hoskins [UK singer].
1953: Ronnie Earl/Ronald Horvath (American blues guitarist).
1952: Mike O'Donnell (US composer)
1950: Ted McKenna (Scottish drummer, percussion; Sensational Alex Harvey Band].
1947: Tom Scholz [US guitar, keyboards; Boston]
1945: Pete Nelson/Peter Lipscomb [vocals; The Flowerpot Men/White Plains].
1943: Leslie 'Les' Mighall (UK drummer; Davie Jones+Lower Third/others)*11.March.2008.
1941: Karl Terry/Terence Connor (UK lead vocalist; Karl Terry and the Cruisers/others).
1940: Dean Torrence [US singer; Jan & Dean].

1938: Norman Blake [mandolin, 6-string banjo, fiddle, banjo; folk & bluegrass groups].
1938: Dave Alexander/Omar Sharriff/Omar Hakim Khayam (US blues singer, pianist)*08.Jan.2012.
1936: Alfredo Zitarrosa (
Uruguayan singer, composer, poet, writer, journalist)*17.Jan.1989.
1935: José Antonio Labordeta (Spanish singer-songwriter, guitarist, poet, presenter)*19.Sept.2010.

1932: Shelley Moore (English-born American jazz singer)

1932: Carlos Païta (Argentine conductor)*19.Dec.2015.
1931: Georges Dor (Québécois author, playwright, singer and songwriter)
: Huey P. Meaux (US record producer, recording studio owner)*23.April.2011.
1928: Sara Montiel (Spanish actress, singer)*08.April.2013.
1920: Boris Vian (French writer, musician)
Marion Hutton (American singer and actress; Glenn Miller)*10.Jan.1987.
1915: Sir Charles Groves (UK conductor)
1903: Leon 'Bix' Beiderbecke
(US jazz cornetist and composer)*06.Aug.1931.
1892: Arthur Honegger (French-born Swiss composer; Les Six)
: Alexander Borisovich Goldenweiser (Russian pianist, teacher, composer)*26.Nov.1961.

March 11th.
1991: Linlin/Qian Lin (Chinese-Japanese singer; Morning Musume / Minimoni)
1989: Shin Soohyun
(South Korean singer; U-KISS)
1986: Mariko Shinoda
(Japanese singer, actress; AKB48)
1984: Anna Tsuchiya
(Japanese model, actress, singer)
1981: LeToya Luckett
[US singer; solo/Destiny's Child].
1981: Paul Wall/Paul Slayton (US rapper)
1981: Luke Johnson (UK drummer, songwriter; Lostprophets/Beat Union/Amen)
1981: Russell Lissack (UK guitarist; Bloc Party/Pin Me Down)
1979: Joel Madden/Joel Combs [US lead vocalist; Good Charlotte].
Benji Madden/Benjamin Combs [US guitarist, backup vocalist; Good Charlotte].
1977: Andre Nickatina (American rapper)
1974: Adam Wakeman (UK keyboardist; Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath)
1972: Ua/Kaori Shima (Japanese singer-songwriter, producer, actress)
1970: Andre Nickatina (US rapper, producer)
1969: Pete Droge (US singer-songwriter)
1969: Soraya Raquel Lamilla Cuevas [Columbian/US singer,songwriter,guitar]*10.May.2006.
1969: Rami Jaffee [US pianist, organist; Wallflowers].
1968: Lisa Loeb [US singer-songwriter].
1967: John Barrowman (Scottish-American actor, singer, dancer)
1965: Allan Vainola/Allan Annus (Estonian singer, guitarist, composer)
1965: Andy Sturmer (US singer-songwriter, drummer, and producer: Beatnik Beatch/Jellyfish)
1964: Vinnie Paul [US drummer; Pantera/Damageplan].
1964: Shane Richie (UK actor, singer)
1962: Mary Gauthier (US singer-songwriter and guitarist
1961: Bruce Watson [Canadian guitarist, Big Country].
1961: Mike Percy [UK bassist; Dead Or Alive].
1958: Tetsuro Oda (Japanese singer-songwriter, producer)
1957: Cheryl Lynn [US singer].
1956: Rob Paulsen (US voice actor, singer)
1955: Jimmy Fortune (US singer-songwriter, guitarist; The Statler Brothers)
1955: Frances Ginsberg (American soprano)
1955: Nina Hagen [German singer/songwriter].
1955: Flinto Chandia (
Zambian bassist; Jimmy the Hoover)
: Sakis Boulas (Greek singer-songwriter, comedian, actor)*21.Feb.2014.
1953: Chuck Jackson (Canadian singer, harmonica player; Downchild Blues Band)
1953: Bernie LaBarge (Canadian guitarist, singer, songwriter; freelance/many bands)
1953: Pim Koopman
(Dutch progressive rock drummer; Kayak)*23.Nov.2009.
1952: Vince Giordano (US saxophonist, composer; Nighthawks Orchestra)
1951: Katie Kissoon/Katherine Farthing [Trinidad-UK singer; Mac & Katie/freelance/sessionist].
: Jorge Galemire (Uruguayan guitarist, arranger, composer, vocalist; Trelew/others)*06.June.2015.
1950: Bobby McFerrin [US singer-songwriter, producer, and conductor].
1929: Ubaldo de Lío (Argentine tango guitarist;
Quinteto Real)*24.April.2012.
1948: George Kooymans [Dutch vocals, guitar; Golden Earring/The Tornados].
1947: Blue Weaver/
Derek John Weaver (UK keyboardist, songwriter; top sessionist/Amen Corner)
1947: Bill Dickinson [US bassist; LA sessionist].
1947: Mark Stein [US vocalist, keyboardist, composer; Vanilla Fudge].
1947: Tristan Murail (French composer)
1946: Patty Waters (American jazz singer)
Harvey Mandel (US blues guitarist; solo/sessionist).
1944: Eric "Ric" Rothwell [UK drummer; Mindbenders].
1944: Geoff Turton (UK lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist; The Swingin' Chimes/The Rockin Berries).
1943: Walter Johnstone (UK drummer; The VIPs/The Teenages/The Ramrods).
1942: Bo Starander aka Bob Lander (Swedish rhythm guitar, vocals; The Spotnicks)
1940: Bobby Graham/Robert Francis Neate (UK session drummer, composer, producer)*14.Sept.2009.
1940: Alberto Cortez (Argentinian singer)
1939: Leonardo "Flaco" Jiménez (US Tejano music accordionist; many artists)
1938: Joseph Brooks (US screenwriter, director, producer, songwriter, composer)*22.May.2011.
1934: Maciej Lukaszczyk (Polish pianist)*02.June.2014.
1932: René A. Morel (French-born American violin luthier)*16.Nov.2011.
1932: Leroy Jenkins (US composer, violinist)*24.Feb.
1926: Ilhan Mimaroglu (Turkish electronic music composer)*17.July.2012.
: DeLois Barrett Campbell (US gospel singer; The Barrett Sisters)*02.Aug.2011.
1921: Ástor Piazzolla (Argentine composer, bandoneón player)
1908: Sonny Boy Williamson II/Aleck Miller/Aleck Ford (US harmonica, singer-songwriter
Sonny Boy claimed to have been born on Dec 5th 1899, but one researcher, David Evans, claims to have found census record evidence that he was born around 1912. His gravestone has his birthdate as March 11th 1908

1903: Lawrence Welk (US accordionist, bandleader, TV personality)*
Miff Mole/Irving Milfred Mole (US jazz trombonist, band leader)*29.April.1961.
1897: Henry Cowell (US composer and impresario)
1876: Carl Ruggles (US composer)

March 12th.
1999: Sakura Oda (Japanese singer (Morning Musume)
1995: Kanon Fukuda
(Japanese singer; S/mileage, Minimoni, and Shugo Chara Egg!)
1994: Christina Grimmie
(American singer-songwriter, pianist)
1988: Tyler Ward
(American singer)
1988: Elly Jackson
(English singer;
La Roux)
1986: Danny Jones
[UK guitarist, vocals, harmonica; McFly].
1985: Stromae/Paul Van Haver (Belgian-Rwandan singer-songwriter)
1984: Shreya Ghoshal (Indian singer)
1983: Atif Aslam (Pakistani singer)
1981: Holly Williams (US singer-songwriter, guitarist)
1979: Pete Doherty [UK lead vocals, guitar; Libertines/Babyshambles].
1978: Claudio Sanchez (US singer, guitarist; Coheed and Cambria)
1976: Zhao Wei (Chinese actress and singer)
1975: Herman Li (Cantonese guitarist)
1975: Kelle Bryan [UK singer; Eternal].
: Cynthia Dall/Cynthia Ann Loya (US singer, guitarist, photographer)*05.April.2012.
1970: Roy Khan (Norwegian singer; Kamelot)
1969: Graham Coxon [UK guitarist; Blur].
1965: Liza Umarova (Chechen singer, actress)
1965: Coleen Nolan (UK singer, TV personality; The Nolan)
1960: Kipp Lennon (US singer)
1960: Minoru Niihara (Japanese singer)
1960: Maki Nomiya (Japanese singer; Pizzicato Five)
1957: Marlon Jackson [US singer, guitarist; Jacksons/Jackson 5/sessionist].
1956: Steve Harris (UK bassist, Iron Maiden).
1956: Guy Speranza (US singer; Riot)*08.
1952: Naomi Shihab Nye (US poet, songwriter, novelist).
1952: Randy Stonehill (US singer-songwriter)
1949: Mike Gibbins (Welsh drummer; The Iveys/Badfinger)*04.Oct.2005.
1949: Bill Payne [US piano, keyboards, organ; Little Feat/freelance].
1948: Les Holroyd [bassist; Barclay James Harvest].
1948: James Taylor [US singer/songwriter].
1946: Liza Minnelli [US singer, actress].
1945: George Jackson (US r&b-soul singer, songwriter)*14.April.2013.
1944: John Simon (UK classical composer).
1942: Brian O'Hara (UK lead guitarist, vocals; The Fourmost)*27.June.1999.
1940: Alwin Lopez "Al" Jarreau (US singer)*12.Feb.2017.
1940: M.A. Numminen (Finnish singer, writer).
: Kell Osborne (US singer; The Primes/The Temptations)*29.Jan.2012.
1938: Ron Tutt (US drummer; Billy Joel/others)
1938: Dimitri Terzakis (Greek composer)
1938: Lew DeWitt (US singer-songwriter, guitarist; The Statler Brothers/solo)*15.Aug.1990.
1938: Jessy Dixon (
US gospel singer, songwriter, pianist)*26.Sept.2011.
1930: Wardell Quezergue
(US singer, guitarist, bandleader, music arranger, producer)*06.Sept.2011.
1928: Philip Jones (UK trumpeter; Philip Jones Brass Ensemble/many orchestras)*17.Jan.2000.
Aldemaro Romero (Venezuelan pianist, composer, orchestral conductor)*15.Sept.2007.
1928: Paul Kuhn (German jazz pianist, singer, bandleader; SFB-dance orchestra/own)*23.Sept.2013.
1925: Georges Delerue (French film composer)*20.March.1992.
1923: Norbert Brainin (Austrian violinist)*10.April.2005.
1922: Jack Kerouac (US novelist, poet; "The Beat Generation"/"Gone on the Road")*21.Oct.1969.
1921: Gordon MacRae (US singer, actor)*24.Jan.1986.
1920: Ray Still (US classical oboist; Chicago Symphony Orchestra)
1918: Jimmy Widener (US rhythm guitarist, banjo player, vocalist; Hank Snow)*27.Nov.1973.
1917: Leonard Chess (US company executive, founder of Chess record label)*16.Oct.1969.
1913: Agathe von Trapp (Austrian-born American singer; the Trapp Family Singers)*28.Dec.2010.
1912: Jirí Traxler (Czech Canadian jazz and swing pianist, composer, lyricist, arranger)*07.Aug.2011.
1912: Paul Weston/Paul Wetstein (US pianist, arranger, conductor)*20.Sept.1996.
1890: Evert Taube (Swedish author, artist, lute player, composer, singer)*31.Jan.1976.
1888: Hall Johnson (US composers, arrangers
1864: Alice Tegnér (Swedish composer, organist)

March 13th.
1991: Eli Kim (American-South Korean singer; U-KISS)
1987: Rosela Gjylbegu
(Albanian singer)
1984: Yuuka Nanri
(Japanese voice actress, singer; Tiaraway and FictionJunction)
1981: April Matson
(US actress, singer)
1979: Spanky G/Mike Guthier
(US drummer; Bloodphart/Bloodhound Gang)
1977: Kay Tse
(Hong Kong singer)
1976: James Dewees (US vocals, piano, keyboards, drums; The Get Up Kids/many bands)
1975: Glenn Lewis
(Canadian singer-songwriter)
1973: Ed Sloan
(US singer, guitarist; Crossfade)
1973: David Draiman (US singer, songwriter; Disturbed)
1972: Khujo Gunclub Goodie/ Willie Edward Knighton Jr
(US rapper)
1972: Common/Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr
(US rapper; Soulquarians/solo)
1964: João Gordo/João Francisco Benedan
(Brazilian singer; Ratos de Porão aka RxDxPx)
1963: Fito Páez
(Argentine rock n roll pianist, lyricist, singer, film director)
1963: Billy Yates
(US C&W singer-songwriter)
1962: Terence Blanchard
(US trumpet player, composer)
1960: Adam Charles Clayton
[Irish bassist; U2].
1959: Greg Norton [US bassist; Husker Du].
1959: Ronnie Rogers [rhythm guitarist, songwriter; T'Pau].
1957: David Peaston (US R&B and gospel singer
1957: Moses Hogan (US composer, arranger of choral music)
1956: Davor Slamnig (Croatian guitarist, author; Buldožer)
1953: Rustee/Rusty Allen (US bass guitar player; Sly & the Family Stone/others).
1952: Wolfgang Rihm (German composer)
1951: Lester Jerome Williams (US keyboardist, pianist, singer, composer; Motown/solo/freelance).
1949: Julia Migenes (US soprano)
1949: Emmy Verhey (Dutch violinist)
Dave Kelly (UK guitarist, vocals; John Dummer Blues/Tramp/Paul Jones Blues/own band).
1947: Dr. Beat Richner (Swiss pediatrician, cellist)
1946: Ken Pustelnik (Scottish drummer; The Groundhogs/The Deep)
1946: Alan Laud (UK rhythm guitar; Hedgehoppers Anonymous)
1945: Tom Chapin (Grammy Award-winning US
singer-songwriter, entertainer, storyteller).
1943: Frances Nero née Peak (US soul and jazz singer)
1942: Meic Stevens/Louis Michael James (Welsh singer-songwriter, guitarist; Bara Menyn/solo).
1942: Scatman John/John Paul Larkin
(American singer)*03.Dec.1999.
1942: Marshall Chess (American record producer)
1940: Candi Staton/Canzetta Maria Staton (US soul & gospel singer)
1940: Danny Bennie (Scottish/American singer; The Reflections).
1939: Neil Sedaka [US singer, songwriter, pianist].
1936: Alfred Edward ''Russ'' Sainty (UK vocalist; Buddy Munroe 5/Russ Sainty & the Nu-Notes/others).
1939: Liz Anderson [US C&W singer-songwriter].
Erma Franklin (US soul, R&B and pop singer, sister to Aretha)*07.Sept.2002.
1936: Alfred ''Russ'' Sainty (UK lead vocalist; Russ Sainty & the Nu-Notes/others)
1933: Mike Stoller
[US songwriter, composer; Stoller & Leiber].
1930: Jan Howard (US singer)
1928: Ronnie Hazlehurst (UK conductor, theme song composer
1925: Roy Haynes (US jazz drummer)
1914: Robert Sherwood Haggart (US bass,composer,arranger; Bob Crosby Orch)*
1912: Sam 'Lightnin' Hopkins (US legendry blues guitarist)
*30.Jan.1982 (1912 as on his statue)
1910: Sammy Kaye (US multiple
reeds player; big bandleader)*02.June.1987.
1906: Frank Teschemacher
(US clarinet, alto sax, violin; Chicago jazz groups/solo)*
1892: Alec Rowley (English composer, writer on music)*11.Jan.1958.
1890: Fritz Busch (German conductor)
Enrico Toselli aka Count of Montignoso (Italian pianist, composer)*15.Jan.1926.

March 14th.
1992: Jasmine Murray
(US singer)
1993: Julienne Irwin
(US singer)
1989: Colby O'Donis (US R&B singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, actor)
1988: Chris Feener
(Canadian guitarist, composer).
1985: Idaira/Idaira Fernandez Rodriguez
(Spanish singer)
1983: Jordan Taylor Hanson
[US singer, keyboard, bongos, piano; Hanson].
1982: Kate Maberly (UK actor, singer-songwriter)
1981: Mei-Ting Sun (Chinese-born pianist)
1970: Kristian Bush (US singer-songwriter, guitarist; Sugarland/Billy Pilgrim)
1969: Michael Bland (US drummer; The New Power Generation, Nick Jonas+Administration/others)
1966: Raúl Midón (US singer-songwriter, guitarist)
1965: Billy Sherwood (US musician, record producer, engineer)
1964: Dario Bisso (Italian conductor)
1962: Steve Lambert [UK singer; Roman Holliday].
1961: Rey Washam (US drummer; Scratch Acid/The Didjits/Big Boys/Rapeman)
1961: Joe Ascione (US jazz drummer)*11.March.2016.
1958: Zbigniew Karkowski (Polish experimental musician, composer)
1957: Chris Redburn [UK bassist; Kenny]
1956: Patrick Raymond Leonard (US songwriter, keyboardist, music producer; Pink Floyd/others)
1954: Jann Browne (US singer; Asleep at the Wheel)
1953: Nick Keir (Scottish singer-songwriter; The McCalmans)*02.June.2013.
1950: Rick Dees/Rigdon Osmond Dees III (US disc jockey)
1949: Peter John 'Ollie' Halsall (UK guitarist virtuoso Patto/The Boxer/The Rutles/others)*29.May.1992.
1947: Roy Budd (US pianist and composer)*07.Aug.1993.
1947: Peter Skellern (UK singer-songwriter, pianist)*17.Feb.2017.
1947: Jona Lewie [UK vocals, piano, guitar, songwriter;Thunderbolts/sessoinist/solo].
1945: James O'Rourke (US multi instruments, guitar; Playboy Band/freelance) not Jim
O'Rourke from Chicago
1945: Walter Parazaider [US sax, flute, woodwind insts;founder member of Chicago]
1945: Herman van Veen (Dutch singer, theatre performer)
1945: Michael Martin Murphey (US country music singer)
1944: Boris Brott (Canadian composer and conductor)
1943: Jim Pons [US bass; The Turtles/The Leaves].
1943: Anita Rose Morris (US
actress, singer, dancer)*02.March.1994.
: Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner (US singer, guitarist; The Ohio Players)*27.Jan.2013.
Ishbel MacAskill née MacIver (Scottish Gaelic singer, guitarist, teacher)*31.March.2011.
1939: Stavros Xarhakos (Greek composer)
1936: Rolf Schweizer (German composer, choirmaster, church music director)*06.June.2016.
1935: Getatchew Mekurya (Ethiopian jazz saxophonist)*04.April.2016.
Shirley Scott (US hard bop and soul-jazz organist)*10.March.2002.
1933: Quincy Jones [trumpet player, composer, music producer, business personality].
1931: Phil Phillips (US singer, songwriter)
1926: François Morel (Canadian pianist, composer, conductor, educator)
1926: Lita Roza (UK singer; first UK female singer to top the UK Singles Chart)*
1922: Les Baxter [US saxophonist, pianist; own band]*15

1915: Alexander Brott/Joël Brod (Canadian conductor and composer)*01.April.2005
1914: Bill Owen/William John Owen Rowbotham MBE (English actor and songwriter)*12.July.1999.
1914: Lee Hays (US folksinger)*26.Aug.1981
1914: Sári Barabás (Hungarian-born German opera singer)
1912: Les Brown (US bandleader)
1905: Harold Loeffelmacher (US singer, bandleader; Six Fat Dutchmen)
1681: Georg Philipp Telemann (German Baroque composer, multi-instrumentalist)

March 15th.
1991: Kie Kitano (Japanese actress, singer)
1990: Siobhan Magnus
(US singer)
: Emmy/Elsina Hidersha (Albanian singer)*28.Feb.2011.
1988: Chris Lent
(US drummer, keyboardist; From First to Last/I Set My Friends On Fire).
1988: Maria Minerva/Maria Juur
(Estonian singer)
1987: Adrianne Leon
(US singer-songwriter, actress)
1984: Honey Singh
(Indian singer, producer, actor)<<<<<<<
1982: Jordan Hastings (Canadian drummer; Alexisonfire)
1981: Veronica Maggio
(Swedish singer)
1981: Young Buck/David Darnell Brown
(US rapper)
1977: Joe Hahn
(Korean-American turntablist, DJ; Linkin Park).
1976: Claudia Uhle
aka Angelzoom (German singer; X-Perience/solo)
1975: Will.i.am/William Adams Jr [Jamacian rapper, producer; Black Eyed Peas].
1975: Piotr Grudzinski (Polish guitarist, composer; Riverside)*21.Feb.2016.
1974: John "Beatz" Holohan (US drummer)*
1973: Boris Ðurdevic (Croatian DJ, electronic musician; Colonia).
1972: Mark Hoppus [US singer, bass guitar; Blink-182].
1969: Timo Kotipelto (Finnish lead singer; Stratovarius/Kotipelto)
1969: Apostolos "Apollo" Papathanasio (Swedish vocalist).
1969: Elvir Lakovic Laka (Bosnian singer-songwriter)
1968: Kahimi Karie (Japanese singer
1968: Mark McGrath [US lead singer; Sugar Ray].
1968: Sabrina Salerno (Italian singer)
1968: Jon Schaffer (US guitarist; Iced Earth)
1968: Kahimi Karie (Japanese singer)
1964: Rockwell/Kenneth Gordy [US singer, Berry Gordy's son].
1963: Brett Michaels/Bret Michael Sychak [US lead singer, film production; Poison].
1962: Steve Coy/Steve McCoy [UK drummer; Dead Or Alive]
1962: Terence Trent D'arby/Sananda Maitreya [US vocals, sax, keyboards, drums, guitar].
1959: Eivind Rølles
(Norwegian guitarist; Broadway News/The Monroes)*18.March.2013.
1955: Dee Snider/David Daniel Snider [US lead singer; Twisted Sister].

1955: Etterlene "Bunny" Debarge [US soprano vocalist; Debarge]
1955: Stephen Alan Lilleywhite, CBE (English record producer; U2/others)
1954: Massimo Bubola (Italian singer-songwriter)
1953: Preston Hubbard (US bassist; Roomful of Blues/the Fabulous Thunderbirds)*17.Aug.2016.
1953: Kostas Bigalis (Greek singer, songwriter)
1952: Howard Devoto/Howard Trafford (UK rock singer-songwriter; Buzzcocks/Magazine/Luxuria)
1950: Jørgen Olsen (Danish singer)
1948: Stephen 'Grizzly' Nisbett [Nevis born drummer; Steel Pulse/guest].
1947: Jean Carne/Sarah Jean Perkins [US jazz singer, pianist; Motown, solo].
1947: Hernandez Lugo (US bassist; ? & The Mysterians)
1947: Ry Cooder (US slide, guitar, vocals, mandolin; Buena Vista/Rising Sons/Little Village).
1946: Howard Scott [US guitarist; War]
1944: Jazz Summers (UK music manager; Snow Patrol/The Verve/Klaxons/others)*14.Aug.2015.
1944: Ralph MacDonald (Trinbago-American song-writer, record executive, steelpan virtuoso)*18.
1944: David Costell [lead guitar; Playboys].
1944: Sly Stone/Sylvester Stewart (US guitar, keyboard; Sly & The Family Stone).
: Montserrat Figueras (Spanish soprano; Hespèrion XX & XXI / solo)*23.Nov.2011.
1941: Hughie Flint [UK drummer, McGuinness Flint/Bluesbreakers].
1941: Mike Love (US singer, sax; The Beach Boys).
1940: Phil Lesh [US bassist; Grateful Dead].
: Augusto Martelli (Italian composer, conductor, arranger, TV personality)*03.Nov.2014.
1938: Charles Lloyd (US jazz tenor saxophone, flute, exotic reed instruments)
1936: Howard Greenfield (US songwriter)
1935: Jimmy Swaggart (US pastor, singer, television host)
1932: Arif Mardin [musical
1931: James Mitchell [saxophone; The Detroit Emeralds/Memphis Horns/session]
1931: D. J. Fontana/Dominic Joseph Fontana (US drummer; The Blue Moon Boys)
: S. R. D. Vaidyanathan (Indian Nadhaswara player)*18.Nov.2013.
1929: Cecil Taylor (US jazz pianist).
1927: Carl Smith (US country music singer, musician)*16.Jan.2010.
1926: Ben Johnston (US composer)
1922: Eddie Calvert [UK trumpet player; Stanley Black Orchestra/solo]*07.Aug.1978.
1916: Harry James (US trumpeter, bandleader)
1912: Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins (US blues guitarist, singer)*30.Jan.1982
1907: Zarah Leander (Swedish actress, singer)*23.June.1981.
1864: Johan Halvorsen (Norwegian composer, conductor and violinist)*04.Dec.1935.


March 16th..
1991: Wolfgang Van Halen (US multi-musician; son of Eddie Van Halen)
1988: Jhené Aiko
(US R&B singer)
1985: Eddy Lover/Eduardo Mosquera
(Panamanian singer)
1981: Danny Brown/Daniel Sewell
(US rapper, hip-hop artist).
1979: Leena Peisa (Finnish keyboardist; Lordi).
1976: Blu Cantrell/Tiffany Cobb
(US R&B singer-songwriter)
1973: Brant Bjork
(US drummer, producer, guitarist; Kyuss)
1972: Andy Dunlop
(Scottish guitarist; Travis).
1970: Joakim Berg (Swedish singer; Kent)
1970: Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson (Icelandic singer, songwriter, disc jockey)
1967: John Darnielle (US singer-songwriter, guitarist; Mountain Goats/many others).
1967: Tracy Bonham (US rock singer, violinist, pianist)
1966: H.P. Baxxter/Hans Peter Geerdes (German singer, guitar; Scooter)
1965: Richard Daniel Roman (UK songwriter, record producer)
1964: Patty Griffin (US singer, songwriter).
1963: Jimmy Degrasso (US drummer; F5/Alice Cooper Band)
1963: Stuart Kerr [Scottish drummer; Texas].
1961: Michiru Oshima (Japanese composer).
1959: Sebastian Currier (US composer)
1959: Flavor Flav/William Drayton [US rapper, vocals, producer; Public Enemy].
1954: Nancy Wilson [US singer, guitarist; Heart].
1954: Jimmy Nail
/James Michael Aloysius Bradford [UK singer, actor].
1951: Ray Benson (US singer; Asleep at the Wheel)
1949: Elliott Murphy (US singer-songwriter)
1948: Michael Bruce (US guitar, keyboards; Alice Cooper Band).
1948: Richard Desjardins (Canadian singer, songwriter, film director)
1947: Ramzan Paskayev (Chechen accordionist)
1946: Stuart MacKay (UK bassist; Tintern Abbey)

1946: Hubert Soudant (Dutch conductor)
1943: Joseph 'Joe' Baldi (Italian born Scottish guitarist; Hamilton King's Blues Messengers/Them).
1942: Jerry Jeff Walker/Ronald Clyde Crosby (US country singer/song writer).
1940: Keith Rowe (UK painter, guitarist; AMM)
1936: Fred Neil (US singer, guitar, songwriter)*07.July.2001.
1935: Teresa Berganza (Spanish soprano)
1934: Ray Walker (US bass singer; The Jordanaires).
1931: Alan Heyman (South Korean musicologist, composer)*01.March.2014.
1931: Betty Johnson (US singer)
Shirley Caddell (US country, rockabilly singer. x-wife of Willie Nelson)*27.Jan.2010.
1930: Tommy Flanagan (US jazz pianist; Ella Fitzgerald backing band)*16.Nov.2001.
: Minoru Miki (Japanese composer, artistic director)*08.Dec.2011.
1928: Christa Ludwig (German mezzo-soprano)
Reuben "Ruby" Braff (US jazz trumpeter, cornetist)*09.Feb.2003.
1926: Jerry Lewis/Joseph Levitch (US actor, comedian, singer).
: Beryl Davis (English big band singer, actress; The Four Girls(Hollywood)/solo)*28.Oct.2011.
1920: John Addison (British composer)
1902: Leon Roppolo [US jazz clarinetist]*05.Oct.1943.
1892: James Caesar Petrillo (US union leader; founder of American Federation of Musicians)*23.Oct.1984.

March 17th..
1994: Amber Holcomb (American singer)
1992: Eliza Bennett
(UK actress, singer)
1989: Mason Musso (US singer-songwriter, guitarist; Metro Station)
1987: Rob Kardashian
(US model, singer, and television personality)
1986: Miles Kane
(UK vocalist, guitarist; The Rascals/Last Shadow Puppets)
1978: Bryan Ottoson
(German born lead guitarist; American Head Charge)*19.April.2005.
1977: Tamar Braxton-Herbert
(US singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, reality TV personality)
1976: Stephen Gately
Irish singer, actor; Boyzone)*10.Oct.2009.
1975: Justin Hawkins [UK lead singer, song writer; The Darkness].
1975: Mason Jennings (US folksinger)
1975: Puneet Rajkumar (Indian actor, singer, director)
1974: Oliver Palotai (German keyboard player; Doro)
1974: Swifty McVay/Ondre Moore (US rapper; D12)
1973: Rico Blanco (Filipino singer; Rivermaya)
1973: Caroline Corr [Irish drummer; The Corrs].
1972: Torquil Campbell (Canadian singer, songwriter; Stars)
1972: Melissa Auf der Maur [Canadian bassist, vocals; Hole, Smashing Pumpkins].
1972: Marc Gunn (US poet, podcaster, musician; Brobdingnagian Bards)
1972: Sean Price aka Ruck/Ruckus (US rapper; Boot Camp Clik/others)*08.Aug.2015.
1970: Gene Ween/Aaron Freeman (US singer, guitarist; Ween)
1967: Billy Corgan [US guitarist, singer-songwriter, multi-musician; Zwan/Smashing Pumpkins].
1963: Nick Peros (Canadian composer)
1962: Clare Grogan
[Scottish actress, lead singer; Altered Images].
1961: Dana Reeve (US actress, singer, activist)
1961: Alexander Bard (Swedish artist, singer; Army Of Lovers)
1959: Paul Black (US rock singer; L.A. Guns, Black Cherry)
1959: Mike Kindup (UK keyboards, vocals; Level 42).
1957: Adriana Kaegi (Swiss singer; U2/others)
1955: Paul Overstreet (US singer, songwriter)
1953: Wally Stocker (UK guitarist; Babys/Humble Pie/Air Supply/freelance).
1952: Nikos Xydakis (Greek pianist, singer, composer)
1952: Susie Allanson (US singer, actress)
1951: Scott Gorham [US guitarist, mastering, songwriter; Thin Lizzy].
1950: Patrick Adams (US record producer, songwriter)
1950: Michael Been (US singer, guitarist, actor; The CAll/others/solo)*19.Aug.2010.
1949: Werner Lämmerhirt (German singer-songwriter, guitarist)*14.Oct.2016.
1949: Daniel Lavoie (French Canadian singer-songwriter)
1948: Bobby Whitlock [singer,keyboards,songwriter; Derek-the Dominos/sessions/own band].
1948: Patrick ''Pat'' Lloyd [UK guitar, bassist; Equals].
1947: Yury Chernavsky (Russian-born composer, producer)
1946: Harold Brown (drums, percussion, vocals; War/Night Shift/Lowrider]
1945: Elis Regina Carvalho Costa (Brazilian singer)
1945: Katri Helena (Finnish singer)
1944: Patrick John 'Pat' McAuley [Irish keyboardist, drums, Them/The Other Them]*11.Aug.1984.
1944: Tony Jackson [Jamaican high tenor singer; session/backgound/Skatalites]
1944: John Sebastian [US vocals, harmonica, guitar; Lovin Spoonful/ Mugwumps]
1944: Patricia Anne "Pattie" Weston née Boyd (UK model, photographer, author; x-wife of George Harrison/Eric Clapton)
1943: John Brierley (UK bassist, pianist; The Thunderbeats, David John and the Mood)

1943: Jim Weatherly (US singer-songwriter)
1943: Tony Newman (UK drummer; Sounds Inc./Jeff Beck Group/May Blitz/T-Rex/Boxer/others).

1942: Dimitris Poulikakos (Greek composer, singer, actor)
1941: Paul Kantner
[US guitarist; Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship]*28.Jan.2016..

1941: Clarence Collins [US singer; The Chesters/Little Anthony & the Imperials].
1938: Zola Taylor (US singer; The Platters)
1937: Adam Wade (US singer, actor)
1936: Ladislav Kupkovic (Slovakian composer)
1933: Dick Maloney (
US jazz singer, entertainer; radio host)*19.Aug.2010.
1931: Lorraine Ellison (African-American female soul singer)*31.Jan.1983.
1930: Paul Horn (US jazz flutist)
1919: Nat "King" Cole [US singer, piano]*15.Feb.1965.
1915: Ray Ellington/Harry Pitts Brown (British singer, band leader; Goon Show)
1901: Alfred Newman (US film composer)
1884: Alcide Nunez (US jazz clarinetist)

March 18th..
1991: Dylan Mattingly (US singer-songwriter, multi-musician).
1989: Kana Nishino
(Japanese singer).
1986: Lykke Li
(Swedish singer)
1985: Marvin Humes
(UK singer; JLS; VS)
1984: Vonzell Solomon
(US singer)
1981: Jang Nara
(Korean singer, actress)
1980: Rebecca "Bec" Lavelle
(Australian singer-songwriter).
1979: Adam Levine
(US lead singer, guitar; Maroon 5).
1979: Shola Ama [UK singer].
1978: Bryan Ottoson (German born guitarist; American Head Charge)
1977: Devin Lima [US vocalist; LFO].
1975: Sutton Foster (US actress, singer, dancer)
1975: Rodleen Getsic (US singer, activist, actress, film producer, performance artist).
1974: Alvin Nathaniel Joiner IV/
Xzibit (US rapper, actor, television host).
1974: Stuart Zender [UK bassist; Jamiroquai].
1974: Evan Lowenstein (US singer; Evan and Jaron)
1974: Jaron Lowenstein (US singer; Evan and Jaron)
1970: Queen Latifah/Dana Owens [US rapper].
1970: Dragoljub Milcic (Serbian songwriter)
1969: Andy Cutting (UK folk melodeon player, composer)
1967: Miki Berenyi (UK singer; Lush)
1966: Jerry Cantrell [US guitarist, vocals, producer; Alice In Chains].
1964: Courtney Pine [UK jazz saxophonist, multi-musician; solo/freelance].
1964: Rozalla Miller (Zambian singer)
1963: Vanessa Williams [African-American singer].
1963: Jeff LeBar [US guitar, vocals; Cinderella].
1962: Irene Cara (US actress, singer)
1962: James McMurtry (US folk singer, songwriter)
1962: Taja Sevelle [US singer, songwritr]
1961: Grant Hart [US drummer, vocals; Husker Du].
1959: Irene Cara [US singer].
1957: György Pazdera (Hungarian bassist; Pokolgép)
1954: Andy Narell (US multi-musician,
steelpan, composer)

B. E. Taylor/William Edward Taylor (US rock-pop singer; B. E. Taylor Group/solo)*07.Aug.2016.

1951: Bill Frisell (US jazz guitarist, composer)
1950: John Hartman (US drummer; Doobie Brothers)
1950: James Conlon (US conductor; Los Angeles Opera)
1949: Åse Kleveland (Norwegian singer, politician)
1948: Robert Stanley "Bobby" Whitlock (US singer-songwriter, guitar, keyboards; Derek/Dominoes/George Harrison/others)
: Gaye Delorme (Canadian songwriter, composer, virtuoso guitar player)*23.June.2011.
1947: Barry "B.J." Wilson [UK drums, percussion; Procol Harum].
Stu Parks (UK bassist; Mickey & the Sapphires/Gary Farr & the T-Bones, Shelley)
1945: Eric Woolfson (Scottish singer, songwriter, lyricist Alan Parsons Project)
1944: Bob Johnson (UK guitarist, Steeleye Span)
Dennis Linde (American songwriter)
1941: Wilson Pickett
(US R&B, soul singer)*19.
1941: John Stewart (Scottish lead guitar; Trendsetters/Hedgehoppers Anonymous).
1939: Giannis Markopoulos (Greek composer)
1938: Kenny Lynch OBE (UK singer, songwriter, entertainer, actor)
1938: Charley Pride (US country singer, guitarist).
1936: Robert Lee Smith [US singer; Tams].
1930: Patrick Halcox (UK jazz trumpet player; Chris Barber Band/own Allstars)*04.Feb.2013.
1929: John Macurdy (US operatic bass singer)
1927: John Kander (US songwriter)
1926: Herb Wong (US jazz journalist, historian, critic, record-concert producer
1916: Winton Basil Dean (
English musicologist, author)*19.Dec.2013.
1911: Smiley Burnette/Lester Alvin Burnett (US singer, songwriter)
1893: Jean Goldkette (Greek-born jazz musician)
: Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov (Russian composer; The Great Five)*21.June.1908.

March 19th.
1983: Ana Rezende (Brazilian film director, guitarist; CSS)
1980: Mikuni Shimokawa
(Japanese singer).
1976: Ben Marlin
(US bassist; brutal death metal band Disgorge)*02.Jan.2008.
1976: Zach Lind
(US drummer; Jimmy Eat World)
1975: Brann Dailor
(US drummer; Mastodon/Lethargy).
1975: Vivian Hsu
(Taiwanese singer, actress, model)
1973: Bun B/Bernard Freeman
(US Rapper; UGK).
1971: Jack Bessant
(UK bassist; Reef).
1969: Gary Jules (US singer, songwriter)
1969: Tom McRae (UK singer, songwriter)
1968: César "Vampiro" López (Mexican rock guitarist; Jaguares/Maná/Azul Violeta)
1967: Katia Tiutiunnik (Australian violist, composer)
1966: James "Big Jim" Wright (US record producer, musician, singer, songwriter)
1965: Kevin F. Harris (US composer and graphic artist)
1964: Yoko Kanno (Japanese composer)
1960: Eliane Elias (Brazilian jazz pianist, arranger, vocalist, songwriter)
1959: Terry Hall (UK singer; Specials/Fun Boy Three/The Colourfield/freelance).
1956: Nolyn Cabahug (Filipino tenor classical singer)*02.Nov.2015.
1955: Bruce Willis (US actor, vocals, harmonica).
: Pino Daniele (Italian singer-songwriter, guitarist)*04.Jan.2015.
1953: Ricky Wilson (US guitarist; The B-52's)*12.Oct.1985.
1953: Billy Sheehan (US bassist; Talas/Steve Vai/David Lee Roth/Mr Big/Niacin/guest).
1952: Wolfgang Ambros (Austrian singer-songwriter)
1951: Derek Longmuir (Scottish bassist; Bay City Rollers).
1949: Valery Leontiev (Russian pop singer).
1946: Keith Ian Ellis (UK Bassist; The Koobas/Van der Graaf Generator/Juicy Lucy)*12.Dec.1978.
1946: Paul Atkinson (UK guitarist; The Zombies]*01.
1946: Ruth Pointer (US singer;
the eldest of The Pointer Sisters).

1943: Michael Maurice 'Mike' Cole (UK double bassist; Mungo Jerry/Valentine).
1942: Richard Dobson (US singer, songwriter)
1940: Michael James Cox (UK pop singer, actor).
1940: Steve Laine (UK lead vocalist; The Steve Laine Combo/Liverpool 5).
1937: Clarence "Frogman" Henry (US rhythm and blues singer).
1936: Birthe Wilke (Danish singer).
1929: Robert Muczynski (American composer)*25.May.2010.
1926: Bill Henderson (US jazz vocalist, actor)*03.April.2016.
1924: Kyi Kyi Htay (Burmese film actress, opera performer, singer, dancer)*04.March.2000.
1922: Brian Rust (British jazz discographer, music journalist)*05.Jan.2011.
1917: Dillon "Curley" Russell (American jazz double-bassist)*03.July.1986.
1894: Moms Mabley/Loretta Mary Aiken (US comedian, pioneer of "Chitlin' Circuit" vaudeville)*23.May.1975.

March 20th.
1986: Dean Geyer (Australian singer, actor)
1984: Winta Efrem Negassi
(Norwegian R&B, soul singer).
1982: Nick Wheeler (US guitarist; All-American Rejects).
1981: Declan Bennett/
(UK singer/songwriter).
1980: Ock Ju-Hyun
(South Korean singer).
1979: Molly Jenson
(US singer/songwriter, acoustic guitarist)
1976: Chester Bennington
[US vocalist; Linkin Park/Snow White Tan].
1972: Alex Kapranos [Greek-UK lead singer, guitariast; Franz Ferdinand].
1972: Shellie Poole [UK singer; Alisha's Attic/Brian Pooles daughter].
1968: Frederick Schönfelt [Swedish bassist; Wannadies]
1967: Shutty/David Shuttleworth [UK drummer; Terrorvision].
1966: Alka Yagnik (Indian singer)
1964: Ock Ju-Hyun (South Korean singer).
1964: Natacha Atlas (Belgian singer)
1961: Slim Jim Phantom/James McDonnell [US drummer; Stray Cats/Headcat].
1959: Richard Drummie [UK singer; Go West].
1959: Owen If/Owen Rossiter [UK drummer, Stereo MC's]
1956: Alphonso Martin [UK vocalist, percussionist; Steel Pulse].
1954: David Egan (US singer, songwriter, pianist; sessions/solo/Filé/A Train)*20.March.2016.
1953: Stray Straton [US vocalist, bassist; sessionist/freelance].
1951: Jimmie Vaughan [US vocalist, guitar; Fabulous Thunderbirds, SRV's brother].
1950: Carl Palmer [UK drummer; Arthur Brown/Atomic Rooster/Emerson, Lake & Palmer/Asia].
1949: Marcia Ball (US singer, pianist)
: Nikos Papazoglou (Greek singer-songwriter)*17.April.2011.
1948: Marva Wright (US blues singer)*
1947: John Blunt
(UK drummer; The Trees/later member of The Searchers).
1944: Jance Garfat
(US bassist; Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show)*06.Nov.2006.
1941: Vito Picone [lead singer; Elegants]
1939: Johnny Rebb/Donald James Delbridge (Australian singer; The Atlantics)*28.July.2014.
1937: Jerry Reed/Jerry Reed Hubbard (US country singer, guitarist)*01.Sept.2008.
1936: Lee "Scratch" Perry/Rainford Hugh Perry (Jamaican Reggae artist)

1935: Lolita Sevilla/Ángeles Moreno Gómez (Spanish actress, singer)*16.Dec.2013.
1932: Tod Dockstader (US composer of electronic music/musique concrète)*27.Feb.2015.
1929: Santo J. "Sonny" Russo (US jazz trombonist, multi-musician; many greats)*23.Feb.2013.
1927: John Joubert (South African-born UK composer).
1922: Larry Elgart (US saxophonist, bandleader)
1918: Marian McPartland (UK jazz pianist)*20.Aug.2013.

1917: Vera Lynn (US actress, singer)
1915: Sister Rosetta Tharpe (US singer - the original soul sister)*09.Oct.1973.
Sviatoslav Richter (Ukrainian pianist)*01.Aug.1997.
1906: Oswald George "Ozzie" Nelson (US radio/TV show presenter, entertainer, bandleader)*03.June.1975.
Beniamino Gigli (Italian operatic tenor)*30.Nov.1957.
1890: Lauritz Melchior (Danish tenor)*19.March.1973.

March 21st.
1995: Daniel "Diggy" Simmons III (US rapper, fashion designer)
1990: Mandy Capristo
(German singer; Monrose)

1989: Rochelle Wiseman
(UK singer; The Saturdays)
1980: Bizzy D/Deryck Whibley [Canadian lead singer, mult-musician; Sum 41].
1978: Nick Baines
(UK keyboardist; Kaiser Chiefs)
1978: Kevin Federline (US dancer/hip hop artist)
1977: Mark Hamilton [Irish bassist; Ash]
1974: Edsel Dope
(US singer; Dope)
1972: Large Professor/William Paul Mitchell (US hip hop artist)
1968: Shin Seung Hun (South Korean ballad singer)
1968: DJ Premier/Premo/Christopher Edward Martin
(US hip hop artist, producer; Gang Starr)
1968: Andrew Copeland [US singer, acoustic guitar, songwriter; Sister Hazel]
1967: Maxim Reality/Keith "Keeti" Palmer [British MC; Prodigy/solo].
1967: Jonas "Joker" Berggren [Swedish songwriter, vocals; Ace Of Base].
1967: Sean Dickson [Scottish singer, songwriter; Soup Dragons]
1963: Shawn Lane (US guitar virtuoso)
1960: Robert Sweet (US drummer; Stryper/King James/Blissed)
1959: Sarah Jane Morris (English singer; Happy End/solo)
1959: Nobuo Uematsu (Japanese composer)
1957: John Reddington [UK guitarist; King Kurt]
1956: Guy Chadwick (German born-UK guitarist, vocalist, songwriter; The House of Love/solo)
1953: Robert Johnson [US drummer; KC and the Sunshine Band]
1952: Beppe Crovella (Italian
keyboardist, hammond player, composer, producer; Arti & Mestieri/others)
1951: Conrad Lozano [US bassist; Los Lobos].
1951: Russell Thompkins Jr [US falsetto vocals; The Stylistics].
1950: Roger Hodgson [UK guitar, vocals; Supertramp].
: Johnny Yoshinaga (Japanese drummer; Johnny, Louis & Char/Pink Cloud/others)*04.June.2012.
1949: Eddie Money/Edward Joseph Mahoney [US singer, rock guitarist, saxophone, multi-musician].
1946: Ray Dorset [UK singer, percussion, guitar; Mungo Jerry/Good Earth/guest].
1945: Rose Stone/Rosemary Stewart [US vocalist, pianist; Sly & The Family Stone].
1944: Hideki Ishima (Japanese guitarist; Flower Travellin' Band)
1943: John ''Wilky'' Wilkinson (UK drummer; The Teenbeats).
1943: Viv Stanshall [UK vocalist, trumpet, percussion; Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band]*05.March.1995
1943: Hartmut Haenchen (German conductor)
1940: Chip Taylor/James Wesley Voight (UK singer-songwriter)
1940: Solomon Burke (US rhythm & blues singer)
1936: Ali Ahmed Hussain Khan (Indian shehnai specialist)*16.March.2016.
1937: Eddie Shaw (African-American, Chicago blues tenor saxophonist).
Betty Curtis (Italian singer)*15.June.2006.
1936: Mike Westbrook (UK jazz composer, bandleader, sax, tumba, pianist)
1936: Brian Casser/Casey Jones/Duncan Jones (UK vocalist,rhythm guitar; Casanovas/Governors/others).
1932: Joseph Silverstein (US violinist and conductor)*22.Nov.2015.
1930: Otis Spann (US blues pianist, singer; own band/many greats)*24.April.1970.
: Antony Hopkins/Ernest William Antony Reynolds (UK composer, conductor, pianist)*06.May.2014.
1921: Arthur Grumiaux (Belgian violinist)*16.Oct.1986
1920: Georg Ots (Estonian opera singer)*05.Sept.1975.
1920: Manolis Chiotis (Greek guitarist, bouzouki, songwriter)*21.March.1970
1940: Charles Thompson (US swing, bebop pianist)
1914: Paul Tortelier (French cellist)*18.Dec.1990
1904: Nikolaos Skalkottas (Greek composer)*19.Sept.1949
1902: Son House/Eddie James House Jr (US blues singer, guitarist)
1895: Zlatko Balokovic (Croatian violinist)*29.March.1955.
: Alexander Vertinsky (Russian poet, singer, composer, cabaret artist, actor)*21.May.1957.
1839: Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (Russian composer; "The Five")*28.March.1881.
1685: Johann Sebastian Bach (German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist, violinist)*28.July.1750.

March 22nd.
1990: Lisa Mitchell
(Australian singer/songwriter)
1986: David Choi
(Korean-American singer, singwriter, multi-musician)
1986: Amy Studt
(UK singer).
1980: Shannon Bex
(US singer; Danity Kane).
1979: Aaron North (US guitarist, singer; Jubilee/The Icarus Line/Nine Inch Nails)
1973: Beverly Knight [UK soul singer].
1970: Andreas Johnson (Swedish singer)
1969: Josefin Nilsson/Monica Emma Josefin Nilsson (Swedish singer and actress)*29.Feb.2016.
1968: Euronymous/Øystein Aarseth (Norwegian guitarist; Mayhem)*10.Aug.1993.
1963: Susanne Sulley [UK singer; Human League]
1959: Avraham Fried/Avraham Friedman (US Orthodox Jewish singer, musician)
1958: Pete Wylie [UK singer; The Spitfire Boys/The Mystery Girls/many Wah bands].
1957: Stephanie Mills [US singer, actress, musicals].
1952: Jay Dee Daugherty (American drummer)
1948: Ken Boothe OD (Jamaican singer)
1948: Randy Jo Hobbs [US bassist; The McCoys; Edgar & Johnny Winters]*05.Aug.1993.
1948: Andrew Lloyd Webber [UK songwriter/Orchestration/Executive Producer].
1947: Patrick Olive [UK percussionist; Hot Chocolate].
1946: Tommy Tausis (Swedish drummer; The Spotnicks)
1946: Melvin Sparks (US soul jazz, hard bop, jazz blues guitarist)*15.March.2011.
1946: Harry Vanda/Johannes Hendricus Jacob van den Berg [Dutch guitarist, songwriter; Easybeats].
Chuck Jackson (US R&B singer; The Independents)
1943: Terry Bond (UK drummer; Rocking Berries)
1943: Keith Relf (UK singer; Medicine Head, Armageddon, The Yardbirds)*14.May.1976.
1943: George Benson [US singer, guitarist].
1942: Jorge Ben Jor (Brazilian singer-songwriter, guitarist)
1941: Jeremy Clyde (UK actor, musician; Chad and Jeremy)
1937: Angelo Badalamenti (American composer)
: Carmel Kaine (Australian violinist)*22.April.2012.
1936: Roger Whittaker [African-born British pop singer].
1936: Erol Büyükburç (Turkish composer and singer)*12.March.2015.
1931: William Alan Shatner (Canadian actor, musician, recording artist, author, film director).
1930: Stephen Sondheim (US composer, lyricist)
1929: Fred Anderson (American jazz tenor saxophonist).
: P.Ramlee (Malaysian actor, singer and songwriter)*29.May.1973.
1929: Malcolm Vaughan/Malcolm James Thomas (Welsh singer)*09.Feb.2010.
1926: Avo Uvezian (Lebanese-born Armenian-American jazz pianist, cigar manufacturer)*24.March.2017.

March 23rd.
1995: Jan Lisiecki (Canadian pianist)
1993: Tristan Gage
(UK musician????)
1968: Damon Albarn
[UK piano, vocals; Blur/Gorillaz/Good, the Bad and the Queen].

1967: John Strohm [guitarist; Lemonheads].
1965: Marti Pellow [Scottish singer; Wet Wet Wet/solo].
1959: Epic Soundtracks/Kevin Godfrey (UK drummer, pianist; Swell Maps/These Immortal Souls)*05.Nov.
1958: El Duce (US singer, drummer; The Mentors)*19.April.1997.
1953: Chaka Khan/Yvette Marie Stevens
[US singer, Rufus/solo].
1952: Dave Bartram [UK vocalist; Showaddywaddy]

: Lee McBee (US blues singer, harmonica player; the Confessors/the Crawl/others)*24.June.2014.
1951: Phil Keaggy (US finger style guitarist, vocalist; Phil Keaggy Band/solo/freelance].
1949: Ric Ocasek [US vocalist, guitar, keyboards, bass; Cars/ other projects and bands].
1948: David Olney (US folk singer-songwriter; Simpson Band/X-Rays/solo)
1945: Franco Battiato (Italian singer, songwriter, filmmaker)
1945: David Grisman (US mandolinist, banjo, pianist, multi-musician; Jerry Garcia/others).

1944: Tony McPhee
[UK guitarist, vocals; Herbal Mixture/Groundhogs/sessions].

1944: Michael Nyman [UK pianist /com
1942: James "Jimmy" Miller (US record producer, musician; Rolling Stones/others)*22.Oct.1994.
1939: Boris Tishchenko (Russian composer)*09.Dec.2010.
1939: Pepe Lienhard (Swiss band leader, composer, entertainer)
1938: Irwin Levine (US songwriter; including "Tie A Yellow Ribbon round The Old Oak Tree")*21.Jan.1997.

1938: Dave Pike (US jazz vibraphone player; Herbie Mann/Bill Evans/Kenny Clarke/others)*04.Oct.2015.
1934: Michael ''Mike'' Hart (Scottish jazz banjo, guitar, drummer; Climax Jazz Band/Blue Blowers/freelance).

1934: Fernand Gignac (Canadian singer, actor)*18.Aug.2006
: Louisiana Red/Iverson Minter (US blues guitarist, harmonica player)*25.Feb.2012.
: Ustad Bismillah Khan (Indian shehnai maestro)*21.Aug.2006.
1914: Margaret Kitchin (Classical pianist, born in Switzerland, long resident in the UK)*16.June.2008.
1905: Lale Andersen [German singer and cabaretist]
1899: Dora Gerson (German actress, singer)*14.Feb.1943
1878: Franz Schreker (Austrian composer, conductor, teacher)*21.March.1934.

March 24th.
1985: Amanda Lameche
(Swedish singer)
1983: Kelvin Kwan
(Hong Kong singer)
1982: Nivea/Nivea B. Hamilton
(US singer)
1978: Kaori Mochida
(Japanese singer; Every Little Thing)
1977: Corneille/Cornelius Nyungura
(Rwandan-Canadian singer)
1975: Krisdayanti/
? (Indonesian singer, actress, diva)
1974: RJ Rosales/Roseo José Rosales
(Filipino-born Australian singer, actor)
1974: Chad Butler
[US drummer; Switchfoot].
1970: Sharon Corr
[Irish violinist, vocals; The Corrs].
1970: Mase/Vincent Mason (US rap & hip-hop artist; De La Soul)-
{NOT Mason Derelle Betha}
1965: Robert "Throb" Young (Scottish guitarist; Primal Scream)*09.Sept.2014.
1965: Patrick Scales (British-German electric bass guitar player; many bands/projects)
1962: Angèle Dubeau (Canadian classical violinist)
1960: Nena/Gabriele Susanne Kerner
[German singer; Nena].
1951: Dougie Thomson [Scottish bassist; Supertramp].
1949: Nick Lowe (UK singer-songwriter, multi-musician, producer; Brinsley Schwarz/Rockpile/solo).
1947: Mike Kellie (UK multi-instrumentalist, producer; V.I.P.s/Spooky Tooth/Only Ones/sessions)*19.Jan.2017.

1947: Meiko Kaji (Japanese singer, actress)
1946: Klaus Dinger (German drummer, songwriter; Krautrock/Neu!/Kraftwerk)*20.March.2008.

1946: Lee Oskar [Danish harmonica player; War/freelance].
1938: Holger Czukay (German bassist, producer, sound engineer; Can)
1937: Billy Stewart (US singer with scat-singing style; The Rainbows/solo)
1935: Carol Kaye (US bassist; sessionist/Buffalo Springfield/Simon & Garfunkel/1000's more)
1935: Peret/Pedro Pubill Calaf (Spanish gypsy singer, guitar player, composer)*27.Aug.2014.
: Václav Zítek (Czech opera singer)*20.Dec.2011.
1928: Byron Janis [American classical pianist].
1924: Óscar Avilés
(Peruvian guitarist, singer, producer)*05.April.2014.
1922: David Appell (
US musician, musical arranger, record producer)*18.Nov.2014.
1922: King Pleasure/Clarence Beeks (US jazz vocalist, vocalese)*21.March.1981.
: T. M. Soundararajan aka TMS (Indian playback singer)*25.May.2013.
1906: Klavdiya Shulzhenko (Soviet jazz and classical singer)*17

March 25th.
1987: Jason Castro (US singer)
1985: Carmen Rasmusen (Canadian-American singer)
1984: Katharine McPhee
(US singer, actress)
1976: Gigi Leung
(Hong Kong singer, actress)
1976: Baek Ji Young
(South Korean singer)
1975: Melanie Blatt
[UK singer; All Saints/solo].

1975: Juvenile/Terius Gray (US rapper; Hot Boys/solo)
1974: Finley Quaye [Scottish reggae singer].
1973: Anders Fridén (Swedish singer; In Flames)
1971: Michael McKeegan [Irish bassist; Therapy?]
1970: Teri Moïse (US singer)
1969: Jeffrey Walker (UK bassist, vocals; Carcass/Blackstar/solo)
1969: Cathy Dennis [UK singer, songwriter].
1966: Melora Creager (US cellist, singer-songwriter, founder; Rasputina).
1966: Jeff Healey (Canadian blind jazz and blues-rock guitarist, vocalist)*02.March.2008.
1962: Kirill Pokrovsky
(Russian/Belgian composer and performer)*01.June.2015.
1960: Steve Norman [UK saxophonist, guitar, percussion; New Romantic/Spandau Ballet/Cloudfish].
1954: Nathan Watts [US bassist; Motown/Miles Davis/Session/freelance]
1951: Bob Pelander [US keyboardist, vocalist; Michael Stanley Band]
1951: Maisie Williams [Montserratan singer; Boney M].
1950: Chuck Greenberg (US musician; Shadowfax)*04.Sept.1995.
1949: Neil Jones [Welsh guitarist; Amen Corner]
1949: Robert Alan "Bob" Ezrin (Canadian music producer, keyboardist; sessionist/Aerosmith/Pink Floyd/others)
1947: Duncan Browne (UK singer, songwriter)*28.May.1993.
1947: Sir Elton Hercules John/Reginald Kenneth Dwight [UK singer/songwriter/pianist].
1947: Jack Hall (US bassist; Charlie Daniels Band)
1946: Peter John Daltry (UK vocalist, lyricist; Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Palour/solo).
1942: Aretha Franklin (US singer, Queen of Soul).
1940: Anita Bryant (US singer, gay rights opponent)
1939: Peter John Tomkins (UK pianist; The Artwood Combo).
1938: Hoyt Axton [
US singer, songwriter, piano, guitar, actor]*26.Oct.1999.
1935: Gerardo Reyes (Mexican singer, songwriter, actor, producer)*25.Feb.2015.
1934: Johnny Burnette (US singer, songwriter)
1933: Wee Willie Harris/Charles William Harris (UK singer).
1931: Paul Motian (US jazz drummer, percussionist, composer; Bill Evans/leader)*22.Nov.2011.
1931: Thomas Blanchard Wilson Jr (US record producer; Columbia/verve)*06.Sept.1978.
1928: Mario Sereni (Italian operatic baritone)*24.July.2015.
Riziero Ortolani (Italian film composer)*23.Jan.2014.
1923: Bonnie Guitar/Bonnie Buckingham (US singer)
: Nelly Byl (Belgian songwriter)*30.Nov.2011.
1915: Dorothy Squires/Edna May Squires (Welsh vocalist; Billy Reid Orchestra/solo)*14.April.1998.
1910: Magda Olivero (Italian operatic soprano)*08.Sept.2014.
Harold Lewis (American flautist, piccolo player; session musician)*05.Jan.2010.
1906: Jean Sablon (French singer)*24.Feb.1994
1903: Frankie Carle (US pianist, bandleader)*07.March.2001
Nicolae Bretan (Romanian baritone opera singer, composer, conductor)*01.Dec.1968.
1881: Béla Viktor János Bartók (Hungarian composer and pianist)*26.Sept.1945.
: Arturo Toscanini (Italian celloist, world conductor)*16.Jan.1957.

March 26th.
1990: Yuya Takaki (Japanese actor, singer)
1989: Josiah Leming
(US singer-songwriter)
1987: Yui
(Japanese singer-songwriter, guitarist)
1986: Jonny Craig
(Canadian singer, songwriter)
1984: Stéphanie Lapointe
(French-Canadian singer)
1981: Jay Sean
(UK R&B singer)
1980: Son Ho Young
(Korean singer)
1979: Hiromi Uehara
(Japanese jazz pianist)
1975: Hakin Abdulsamad
(US singer; The Boys)
1971: John Hendy
[UK singer; East 17].
1968: James Iha [US guitarist; Smashing Pumpkins].
1968: Kenny Chesney [US country singer/songwriter].
1964: Baz Warne (UK guitarist; The Stranglers)
1963: Roch Voisine (Canadian singer, songwriter)
1957: Paul Morley [UK writer-New Musical Express, co-founder-Art Of Noise,TV presenter].
1956: Charly McClain (US singer)
1955: Martin Price
[US keyboardist, co-founder; 808 State].

: Johnson (Indian film score composer, music director)*18.Aug.2011.
1953: Billy Lyall [Scottish keyboard, vocals; Pilot/Bay City Rollers]*01.Dec.1989.
1950: Teddy Pendergrass (US singer, drums; Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes/solo/freelance)*13.Jan.2010.
1949: Vicki Lawrence (US actress, singer)
1949: Fran Sheehan [US bassist, percussion, backing vocals; Boston].
1949: Jon English (English-born Australian singer, actor)*09.March.2016.
1948: Steven Tyler [US lead singer, harmonica; Aerosmith].
1948: Richard Tandy [US bassist, keyboards; ELO].
1948: Nash the Slash/Jeff Plewman (Canadian rock multi-instrumentalist; FM/solo)*12.May.2014.
1947: Keith Grant/Arthur Keith Evans (UK bassist, vocalist; Vigilanties/Downliners Sect/others).

1947: Ajit Varman (Indian composer)*15.Dec.2016.
1946: William Onyeabor (Nigerian singer-songwriter)*16.Jan.2017.
1944: Diana Ross [US singer; Supreme/solos].
1942: Alan "Al" Read (UK vocalist; East Of Eden)

1942: Larry Butler (US country music producer, musician, songwriter)*20.Jan.2012.
1941: Wojciech Mlynarski (Polish poet, singer, songwriter)*15.March.2017.
: Donald "Duck" Bailey Sr (US jazz drummer; many greats)*15.Oct.2013.
1925: James Moody (US jazz saxophonist, flute player)*09.Dec.2010.
1925: Pierre Boulez (French composer, conductor, writer, pianist)*05.Jan.2016.
1924: Milton Aubrey "Brew" Moore (US jazz tenor saxophonist)*19.Aug.1973.
1918: Andy Hamilton MBE (
Jamaican-British jazz saxophonist; leader/sessions)*03.June.2012.
1917: Rufus Thomas [US R&B and soul singer]*15.Dec.2001.
1916: Harry Rabinowitz (UK-South African born composer, conductor)
Flip Phillips/Joseph Edward Filipelli (US jazz tenor saxophonist/clarinetist)*17.Aug.2001.
1906: Rafael Mendez (Mexican trumpetist)*15.Sept.1981
1886: Al Jolson/Asa Yoelson (US singer, songwriter, blackface minstrel)*23.Oct.1950.
: Wilhelm Backhaus (German pianist)*05.July.1969.

March 27th.
1990: Kimbra Lee Johnson (New Zealand singer-songwriter/guitarist).first female artist born in the '90s to top the Hot 100
1984: Laura Critchley
(UK singer-song writer).
1981: Lin Jun Jie
(Chinese singer)
1980: Cesare Cremonini (Italian singer, songwriter).
Fergie/Stacy Ann Ferguson (US singer; Wild Orchid/Black Eyed Peas).
1970: Brent Fitz
(Canadian drummer; Theory of a Deadman/freelance/sessionist)
1970: Mariah Carey
[US pop diva, singer].
1970: Brendan Hill [UK drummer; Blues Traveler].
1965: Johnny April [US bassist; Staind].
1964: Clark Datchler (UK singer, songwriter, multi-musician, producer; Johnny Hates Jazz/solo).
1964: Derrick McKenzie (UK drummer; Jamiroquai).
1964: Glenn Carter (UK actor, singer-songwriter)
1963: Charly Alberti/Carlos Alberto Ficicchia Gigliotti (Argentinian drummer; Soda Stereo)
1963: Dave Koz (US smooth jazz saxophonist)
1961: Tak Matsumoto (Japanese guitarist; B'z)
1962: Jann Arden (Canadian singer)
1960: Victor Bailey (US bassist; Weather Report/Madonna/Lady Gaga)*11.Nov.2016.
1960: Renato Russo/Renato Manfredini Jr (Brazilian punk bassist, singer-songwriter)*11.Oct.1996.
1959: Andrew Farris (Australian keyboardist, songwriter; INXS]
1957: Billy MacKenzie (Scottish singer; The Associates)*22.Jan.1997.
1952: Richard Séguin (Canadian Quebec singer, songwriter)
1950: Tony Banks [UK piano, keyboards, songwriter; Genesis/solo/guest]
1947: John Mayhew (UK drummer, vocalist; Genesis)*26.March.2009.
1946: Andrew Brown [UK keyboards; Herd].

1946: Olaf Malolepski (German singer; Die Flippers)
1944: Rodney 'Humble' Garwood (UK bass guitarist; Unit 4+2).
1940: Janis Martin (American rockabilly singer)*03.Sept.2007
1940: Derrick Morgan (Jamaican reggae artist; Desmond Dekker/Bob Marley/Jimmy Cliff)
1939: Bo Winberg (Swedish guitarist; The Spotnicks)
1937: Alan Hawkshaw (UK composer, performer, particularly of themes for movies and TV).

1929: Don Warden (US country musician, manager; Porter Wagoner Show/Dolly Parton)*11.March.2017.
: Raj Begum (Indian singer)*26.Oct.2016.
1927: Mstislav Rostropovich (Russian cellist and conductor)
1925: Frank Lewin (US composer, music theorist)*18.Jan.2008.
1924: Sarah Vaughan (US jazz singer)*03.April.1990.
1921: Mieke Telkamp (Polish-born US record producer,company executive; Chess Records)*19.Oct.2016.
1916: Al Frisch/Albert T. Frisch (US song-writer, sax player, pianist)*11.April.1976.
1915: Robert Lockwood Jr (US blues guitarist)*21.Nov.2006.
1914: Snooky Lanson/Roy Landman (US singer, TV personality; Your Hit Parade)*02.July.1990.
1908: Alberto Semprini (English pianist)*19.Jan.1990.
1909: Ben Webster (US jazz saxophonist)*20.Sept.1973.
1906: Pee Wee Russell/Charles Ellsworth Russell (US jazz clarinetist)*15.Feb.1969.

March 28th.
1986: J-Kwon/Jerrell Jones (US rapper)
1986: Lady Gaga/Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
(US singer)
1984: Oliver Drake/
(UK guitarist; Evile)
1976: Dave Keuning
(US guitarist; The Killers).
1974: Scott Mills
(UK radio disc jockey)
1973: Matt Nathanson
(US singer-songwriter)
1971: Mr. Cheeks/Andrew Benson/
Terrance Kelly
(US rapper)
1969: Rodney Atkins
(US country music singer-songwriter)
1969: James Atkin
(UK vocalist, guitar; EMF).
1968: Jon Lee (Welsh drummer; Feeder)
1965: Steve Turner (US guitarist, Mudhoney/ The Fall-Outs)
1963: Andy Cousin (UK bassist; All About Eve/The Mission/The Lucy Nation)
1962: Ged Grimes (Scottish bassist; Danny Wilson Band).
1958: Edesio Alejandro (Cuban music composer).
1955: Reba McEntire (US singer, actress)
1952: Sven Zetterberg (Swedish blues singer, guitarist, songwriter)*18.Dec.2016
1951: Matti Pellonpää (Finnish actor, singer)
1950: Claudio Lolli (Italian singer-songwriter)
1948: Milan Williams (US keyboards, brass, guitar; The Commodores)*09.July.2006.
1948: John Evan/John Spencer Evans, [UK keyboardist; Tallis/Jethro Tull/John Evan Band].
1947: John Landecker (US disk jockey)
1947: Paul Jackson [US jazz bassist; Headhunters/freelance].
1955: Reba McEntire [US country singer].
1945: Chuck Portz [US bassist; Turtles].
1945: Sally Carr [Scottish singer, percussion; Middle Of The Road].
1942: Samuel Ramey (US opera singer)
1943: Sir Richard Stilgoe aka Tony Snow (UK
singer-songwriter, lyricist; Tony Sno& the Blizzards)
1941: Alf Clausen (US orchestra conductor)
1941: Charlie McCoy (US hamonica player, guitarist; Area Code 615).
1933: Tete Montoliu (Catalonian jazz pianist)
1930: Robert Ashley (US composer, audio synthesis pioneer)*03.March.2014.
1930: Elizabeth Bainbridge
(UK opera singer)
1928: Willie Mitchell
(US singer, bandleader, record producer)

1925: Dmytro Hnatyuk (Ukrainian baritone opera singer)*29.April.2016.
1923: Ike Isaacs (US jazz bassist; many greats/sessionist)*27.Feb.1981
1922: Felice Chiusano (Italian singer)*03.Feb.
1919: Jacob Avshalomov
(Chinese-born American conductor, composer)*25.April.2013.
1915: Jay Livingston (
US composer, singer; songwriting duo with Ray Evans)*17.Oct.2001.
1903: Rudolf Serkin (Austrian pianist)
1902: Jaromír Vejvoda (Czech composer)
1890: Paul Whiteman (US jazz violinist; own orchestra)
: Willem Mengelberg (Dutch conductor)*21.March.1951.

March 29th.
1984: Mai Satoda (Japanese singer)
1983: Luiza da Silva e Sá
(Brazilian guitarist, drummer; Cansei de Ser Sexy)
1968: Sue Foley
(Canadian singer, guitarist)
1968: Lucy Lawless
(New Zealand actress, singer)
1967: John Popper
[US singer, harmonica; Blues Traveler/Frogwings].
: Santiago Feliú/Santiago Vicente Feliú Sierra (Cuban songwriter, singer)*12.Feb.2014.
: Kongar-ol Ondar (Russian Tuvan throat singer, doshpuluur player)*25.July.2013.
1959: Perry Farrell [US singer; Psi Com/Porno for Pyros/Jane's Addiction].
1956: Patty Donahue (US lead singer; Waitresses)*09.Dec.1996.
1949: Dave Greenfield [UK keyboards; Stranglers].
1949: Kayahan/Kayahan Açar (Turkish singer-songwriter)*03.April.2015.
1949: Michael Brecker (
US saxophonist; Brecker Brs/sessionist/won 11 Grammys)*13.Jan.2007
1947: Bobby Kimball [lead singer; Toto/Kayak].
1947: Sally Graham (UK lead vocalist; The New Seekers/Milkwood).
1946: Billy Thorpe (Australian lead singer, guitar; Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs/solo)*28.Feb.2007.
1945: Don Craine/Michael John O'Donell (UK vocalist,multi-musician; The Downliners Sect/others).
1945: John 'Speedy' Keen
(UK vocals,drums,songwriter;Thunderclap Newman/solo)*21.March.2002.
1944: Terry Jacks (Canadian singer, guitar, record producer; The Chessmen/solo).
1943: Vangelis/Evangelos Odyssey Papathanassiou (Greek keyboardist, synth; Jon & Vangelis).
1943: Eric Idle (UK actor, writer, composer)
1943: Chad Allan/Allan Kowbel (Canadian lead vocals, rhythm guitarist; Expressions, Guess Who)
1943: Michael "Mike" Shepstone (UK drummer; Shel Carson Combo/Colin Hicks+Cabin Boys/others).
1941: Eden Kane/Richard Graham Sarstedt (UK pop singer).

1940: Ray Davis (US original bass singer; The Parliaments/Parliament/Funkadelic/Temptations)*05.July.2005
1940: Astrud Gilberto (Brazilian singer)

: Ruth Flowers/Mamy Rock (British DJ)*27.May.2014.
Richard Rodney Bennett CBE (UK composer, musician)*24.Dec.2012.
1934: Mei Baojiu (Chinese contemporary Peking opera artist)*25.April.2016.
1928: Derek Simpson (English cellist; Beatles/others)*22.June.2007.
1927: Sam Spence (US soundtrack composer)*06.Feb.2016.
: Frank Pooler (US choirmaster, composer)*19.Jan.2013.
: Remo Paul Palmieri (US jazz guitarist; many bands/top sessionist)*02.Feb.2002.
1918: Pearl Bailey (US singer, actress)*17.Aug.1990.
1915: George Chisholm OBE
Scottish jazz trombonist; Gentlemen of Jazz/session musician)*06.Dec.1997.
: Albert Ferber (Swiss-English international pianist)*11.Jan.1987.
1907: Abe Lincoln
(Jazz trombonist; many bands/session/freelance)*08.
1907: Braguinha/Carlos Alberto Ferreira Braga (Brazilian songwriter)*24.Dec.2006.
1906: E. Power Biggs (American concert organist, recording artist)*10.March.1977.
1902: William Walton (English composer)*08.March.1983.

March 30th.
1994: Sarah Solovay
(US singer-songwriter)
1990: AJ/Lee Gi Kwang (Korean singer, dancer; Beast)
1986: Beni Arashiro
(Japanese singer)
1984: Justin Cole Moore (American country music singer)
1984: Anna Nalick (US singer and songwriter)
1983: Scott Moffatt (Canadian singer and songwriter)
1983: Hebe Tien (Taiwanese singer; S.H.E)

1982: George Jones
(UK guitarist; Man and with The Spectaculars/son of guitarist Micky Jones)
1980: Yalin/Hüseyin Yalin
(Turkish singer-songwriter)
1979: Norah Jones
[US singer].
1979: Simon Webbe [UK vocalist; Blue].
1976: Mark McClelland (Northern Irish bassist; Snow Patrol/Little Doses).
DJ AM/Adam Michael Goldstein (US DJ, club owner; Crazy Town)*28.Aug.2009.
1968: Celine Dion [Canadian singer].
1967: Ace/Martin Kent [UK guitarist, Skunk Anansie]
1967: Hayashibara Megumi (Japanese voice actress, singer)
1966: Joey Castillo (US drummer; Queens of the Stone Age)
1965: Tim Dorney (UK keyboardist; Republica).
1964: Tracy Chapman (US singer, guitar, songwriter).
1963: Eli-Eri Moura (Brazilian composer, conductor)
1962: M.C. Hammer/Stanley Kirk Burrell (US rap artist).
1959: Sabine Meyer (German clarinetist)
1955: Randy VanWarmer (US singer, songwriter,composer)*12.Jan.2004.
1953: Phil Bates (UK guitarist, songwriter, vocals; Trickster, Quill, ELO Part II).
1950: Dave Ball (UK guitarist; Bedlam/Procol Harum/freelance)*01.April.2015.
1950: Danny Finn/
Kevin Scott (UK singer, guitarist; The New Seekers/Kinsmen/others).
1949: Lena Lovich/Lili-Marlene Premilovich (US singer, saxophone).
1948: Ahuva Ozeri (Israeli singer)*13.Dec.2016.
1948: James "Jim Dandy" Mangrum (US lead vocals; Black Oak Arkansas).
1945: Johnny Walker/Peter Dingley (UK Radio DJ; Radio Caroline/BBC Radio).
1945: Eric Clapton (UK singer, guitarist, songwriter).
1943: John "Jay" Traynor (US original singer; Jay and the Americans/others)*02.Jan.2014.
Kenny Forssi (US bassist; Love /studio sessionist)*05.Jan.1998.
1941: Graeme Edge (UK drummer; Moody Blues).
1940: Ove Johansson (Swedish drummer; The Spotnicks)
: Chiyoko Shimakura (Japanese enka singer, actress)*08.Nov.2013.
1935: Karl Berger (German musicologist, jazz vibraphone, pianist, composer)
1935: John Eaton (US composer, synthesizer pioneer)*02.Dec.2015.
: Boris Karadimchev (Bulgarian composer, film scorer)*12.April.2014.
Sándor Szokolay (Hungarian composer, professor)*08.Dec.2013.
1930: Rolf Harris (Australian singer, didjeridu player, pianist, artist).
1926: Werner Torkanowsky (German conductor)
: Randy Wood (US record producer, founder of Dot Records)*09.April.2011.
1914: Sonny Boy Williamson I/John Lee Williamson (US blues harmonica player & pioneer)*01.Jun.1948.
1913: Frankie Laine/Francesco Paolo LoVecchio (US singer)
1902: Ted Heath (British band leader, trombonist, composer)*18.Nov.1969.
1750: John Stafford Smith (British composer)*21.Sept.1836.

March 31st..
1994: Thomas Batuello (US actor, musician; The Naked Brothers Band)
1987: Georg Listing (German bassist; Tokio Hotel).
1984: Jack Antonoff (US singer-songwriter, guitarist; Steel Train/Fun)
1982: Ryland Blackinton (US guitarist; Cobra Starship)
1982: Lennon Anne Murphy
(US rock singer/songwriter)
1981: Ryan Bingham
(US singer, songwriter, guitarist)

1980: Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese voice actress/singer)
1980: Trenyce/Lashundra Trenyce Cobbins
(US singer: American Idol)
1980: Kate Micucci
(US actress, comedian, singer-songwriter; Garfunkel and Oates)
1979: Amey Date (Indian playback singer)
1978: Brandon Carlisle (US punk rock drummer; Teenage Bottlerocke)*07.Nov.2015.
1978: Tony Yayo/Marvin Bernard
(US rapper; G-Unit).
1977: Toshiya/?
(Japanese bassist; Dir en grey).
1976: Shawty Lo/Carlos Walker (US hip-hop artist; D4L)*021.Sept.2016.
1974: Stefan Olsdal
[Swedish bassist; Placebo].
1971: Julian Deane [UK guitarist; Toploader].

1970: Patrick Lachman
(US singer and guitarist (Damageplan/Mercy Clinic/Halford).
1969: Jerry Finn (American record producer)*21.Aug.2008.
1968: Big Syke/Mussolini/Tyruss Himes (US rapper; Evil Mind Gangstas/Thug Life)*05.Dec.2016.
1965: Piotr Zyzelewicz (Polish drummer; Voo Voo/many others)*13.May.2011.
1964: Victor Agnello
(US drummer; Lääz Rockit)*01.June.2014.
1964: Paul Wong Koon-Chung (Hong Kong guitarist; Beyond/Hann/solo).
1960: Michelle Nicastro
(US singer, actress)*06.Nov.2010.
1960: Julian Deane (Brit guitarist; Toploader)
1959: Ali McMordie (Irish bassist; Stiff Little Fingers).
1959: Robert Holmes [US guitarist; 'Til Tuesday].
1958: Pat McGlynn [Scottish rhythm guitarist; Bay City Rollers].
1958: Paul Ferguson (UK drummer; Pink Parts/Killing Joke/Pigface).
1955: Angus Young [Scottish guitar; AC/DC].
1954: Tony Brock [UK drummer; Babys].
1954: Laima Vaikule (Latvian actress, singer, director, choreographer)
1953: Dennis Kamakahi (Hawaiian guitarist, music composer, Christian minister)*28.April.2014.
1953: Sean Hopper [US keyboard: Huey Lewis & the News].
1951: Frankie Sabath (Puerto Rican performer, singer)
1948: Thijs van Leer (Dutch organist, flute, singer composer; Focus/solo/guest)

1948: Adrian Enescu (Romanian composer)*19.Aug.2016.
Al Goodman (US baritone soul singer; Moments/Ray, Goodman & Brown)*26.July.2010.
1947: Kristian Blak (Danish musician, composer and recording executive)
1947: John Poulos [US drummer; The Buckinghams]*
1946: Al Nichol [US lead guitarist; Turtles].
1945: Heather Wood/Arielle Heather Wood (UK singer; The Young Tradition/solo).
1944: Pascal Danel (French singer, songwriter).
1944: Mick Ralphs [UK guitarist; Bad Company/Mott the Hoople/others].
1944: Malcolm Roberts (UK
solo singer, actor)*07.Feb.2003.
1944: Rod Allen/Rodney Bainbridge (UK lead vocalist, bass player; The Fortunes)*10.Jan.2008.
: Hugh McCracken aka Mack Pierce (US guitarist, harmonica player; top sessionist)*28.March.2013.
1938: Arthur B. Rubinstein (US composer)
1937: Willem Duyn (Dutch musician; Mouth & MacNeal/Speedway/solo)*04.Dec.2004.
1935: Herb Alpert [US trumpet; vocals].
1934: John D. Loudermilk (US singer, songwriter)
1934: Shirley Jones [US acress, Mom on TV's Partridge Family].
1933: Anita Carter (US singer, upright bass; The Carter Sisters/solo)*29.July.1999.
1929: Gene Puerling (American jazz musician, singer, musical arranger)*25.March.2008.
1928: Lefty Frizzell/William Orville Frizzell (US country singer, songwriter)
1922: Richard Kiley (US actor, singer)
1913: Etta Baker (US guitarist, singer)
1911: Elisabeth Grümmer (German
operatic soprano)*06.Nov.1986
1908: Red Norvo (US jazz vibraphonist)
1893: Clemens Krauss (Austrian conductor)
1732: Joseph Haydn [Austrian composer, keyboards, "Fther of the Symphony"]*31.


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